Take advantage of opportunities & solve problems

Solution Discovery Jam

Without discussions, nor compromises

A time-boxed & hands-on workshop to:

  • Get the right focus
  • Make the right decisions together
  • Agree on, ideate and plan solutions

Solution Discovery Jam!

1+1 hour workshop
Using product design techniques to tackle any problem and seize opportunities

How does it work?

Capture problems

Ideate on solutions

Make them actionable

How can the Solution Discovery Jam help you?

Discover your pains and formulate gains!

Using the sailboat technique, we will work from what is going well to what is holding you back. Every voice is heard.

By giving people the right to vote on what's important, a prioritized list of what really matters is the outcome.

It's fun for all participants!

Using post-its and cool sharpies as your ammo, our Solution Discovery Jam facilitator will guide you through the process of problem-solving. Take the journey, we'll bring pie.

Who doesn't want be more effective?

The Solution Discovery Jam is a proven methodology that gets you to actionable output in only 2 hours!

Our clients say it's as simple as it's refreshing. People get out of the workshop all energized and sparkling with ideas.

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