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  • We start with an intake interview, in which we list the classified information in your company. At that moment, we also try to define your needs. We usually find some points of improvement that your company would actually benefit from. During the intake interview, we also define the priorities and next steps.
  • In the second stage, we work on some of the most pressing priorities. We start with a detailed analysis of the company architecture (we focus on process, organization, data and applications. Afterwards, we’ll also focus on the secondary needs such as company compliance rules and audit trials. This all leads to a strategy with a short and long term scope, a detailed planning and insights in the necessary resources. Our experts also propose the first technical solution in this stage.
  • Once the plan has been approved, we start working according to the stage gate approach. We go through the concept, design, develop, deploy and run stages, until we have achieved the desired results. The advantage of this approach is that we can immediately adjust our way of working where necessary. 
  • Once we have gone full circle, and you are pleased with the results, we go on with the less pressing issues.
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My solutions team and I believe that operational issues and frustrations are the basic opportunities (FROPS) for feasible, workable solutions, usually with a digital underpinning and always with a strong customer focus, in order to make a rapid impact on business operations.

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