5 models for analysis: how do we create a market advantage for you?

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  • We start with an intake meeting to understand what your needs are and what you want to achieve. We then focus on the current situation, the business strategy and the issues that have already been identified. Together, we define the first initiatives (maximum 3) that we cover in step 2.
  • Even before the 2nd meeting, our Ausy architects try to paint a picture of the identified issues and possible improvements. This enables them to decide on a foundational approach and develop a proposal for your company.
  • Finally, we sit down together. We discuss the proposal and finalize a concrete action plan. Questions or concerns? We will address them all!
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jan verbieren

business director business consulting

My solutions team and I believe that operational issues and frustrations are the basic opportunities (FROPS) for feasible, workable solutions, usually with a digital underpinning and always with a strong customer focus, in order to make a rapid impact on business operations.

our collaboration models are based on your needs.