You were surfing to the DataFlow or ONE Agency website and you ended up here - huh!?

Are you questioning yourself what you did wrong? Please, don’t. It’s not you. It’s us. On 2 October 2017, we put an end to our brands DataFlow and ONE Agency. from now, we are “just” AUSY Belgium. A full-service IT company, part of the international AUSY Group. No more additional brands.

Check out our blog for the full story behind our brand simplification.

Curious about the challenges we meet? We love to give you a look behind the scenes of a few cool projects!


"Since 2016, AUSY Belgium provides the ICT helpdesk services at Brussels Airport Company. The short training period and the professionalism of their people are nice surprises to us. We also get positive feedback from the business users. Since we work with a service contract, AUSY Belgium is responsible for the planning of their staff and replacements in case of illness or holidays. The collaboration between DataFlow and our internal ICT department runs very smoothly." - Brussels Airport Company

"The deadline for the new FEVIA website was tight and the ambitions were high, while the integrations with other systems were complex. Thanks to a dedicated team and an experienced AUSY Belgium project manager, we succeeded together in launching the website on time. And despite the pressure, it was a very pleasant collaboration." - FEVIA

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