At Ausy, we strive to be a partner throughout your entire career. We keep on supporting you when you take on new challenges.

Working at the same company your entire life is an ideal from another time. We know that too. But maybe you’ll see a new interesting opportunity at Ausy after you’ve accepted another challenge.

Or maybe we’ll have a job offer that we know you would love… At that moment, we’ll want to see you again! Our door is always open for you.

Account manager Ann left the company because one of our competitors offered her her dream job. But she quickly noticed that she wasn’t 100% satisfied there. So when she saw that we had an opening for the same job, she didn’t hesitate and she came right back!

from recruiter to account manager.

“I initially worked for the Randstad Group as a temporary worker, and afterwards as a consultant recruiter for 2 clients”, Ann tells us. “It was a great job with a lot of variation, but after a few years I wanted more… I wanted to take on the role of account manager, but at that time you needed a specific background to be an AM, and I didn’t have that.”

“So I went to work for the competition, where I could take on the role that I wanted. But I quickly felt: this isn’t the place for me. And by quickly I mean very quickly… I think I knew it wasn’t the right fit after my 2nd day.”

Ann: “Luckily, I had left on good terms. My manager knew I worked hard, and had told me before that I could always come back. The door was still wide open for me!”

“And in the meantime, the rules had changed”, Ann continues. “I no longer needed a specific background to become an account manager, just lots of commercial talent and people skills. And that I definitely had. :-)”

tech with personality.

“For me, working at Ausy is always keeping the human aspect in mind”, Ann tells us. “Every day, we consciously make the choices we know will benefit our colleagues and our clients.”

“I would even go so far as to say we focus more on personality than on tech! ;-)”

Ann: “I also feel like my colleagues as well as the management care about me. That’s one of the advantages of working in a relatively small company in a larger group: everyone knows each other, and there’s always someone you can talk to.”

I would even go so far as to say we focus more on personality than on tech!

ann, account manager

transparency, honesty, integrity.

“For me, Ausy’s most important core value is trust”, Ann says. “I strive to always work with transparency, honesty and integrity. I try to make choices that are best for everyone, and in conflict situations I look for a compromise that helps all parties, keeping in mind all the pro’s and cons.”

Ann: “That’s what I like about my job: negotiating until I reach a solution that works for everyone. That’s what gives me energy. And every time we can translate these results into actual numbers, I am reminded why I love to work at Ausy."