Hi there! I’m Lars, I study marketing and am currently doing an internship at Ausy. I started a month ago, and I still love it here! Would you like to know what an internship at Ausy entails? Well then I’m the perfect person to tell you all about it. Part 1: my first day.

Let the search begin!

Where can I find an internship? Will I like it? Am I qualified?

These questions are all running through my head while I am looking for the perfect internship. My friends’ endless complaints about their internships doesn’t help either. 

Another important requirement: it has to be fun. I’m starting to think that what I’m looking for doesn’t exist: it’s some sort of mythical creature.

But then I find Ausy’s website. This looks perfect. But ehm… are they even looking for interns? I send them an email and get a reply the same day. Tomorrow, I get to go talk with the head of the marketing team. After our conversation, they immediately tell me I got the job! Less than 24 hours after I gave up hope, I’ve found the perfect internship!

A man standing before the quote: life's too short to remove USB drive safely.
A man standing before the quote: life's too short to remove USB drive safely.

The first day: early at the office.

According to the email I got some days before my internship started, I should be at the office at 9 AM. But I’m not taking any risks! I arrive at 8.40 AM. Pfew, my first good impression!

Valérie greets me. She will be my mentor. She’s young, but she already has a lot of experience and she’s sociable. No uptight person that has to grade me, a dream come true! Valérie takes me to the sales and marketing corner and makes me feel at ease.

A woman doing bunny ears on a man's head.
A woman doing bunny ears on a man's head.

Pacman on the wall.

While walking around, I’m sure that I made the right choice. Quotes and memes on the walls, post-it art of classic games … No doubt in my mind that this is a fun place to work.

When we get to the first floor, I immediately know which desk will be mine: the one on the corner that’s filled with Ausy gadgets! A backpack, a water bottle, webcam cover … It’s like they know exactly what I need.

I receive my laptop, fill in the necessary passwords and sign some documents. And afterwards… we discuss my assignments for the next 3 months. I must admit, I was quite confused when Valérie told me we were having a meeting IN the playstation. Are there playstations here? How will we have a meeting IN a playstation? Then I found out that all our meeting rooms are named after game consoles. A meeting in the Wii or Dreamcast? No problem!

Getting coffee and making copies?

My assignments. Will I have to get coffee for the team, do administrative work or some other typical job for interns? No way!

I get to do real marketeer work: I have to analyse the social media and the website, and I can even organise a christmas party! I get a lot of responsibilities and a lot of trust. I don’t even feel like an intern, I feel like part of the team. 

I’m here to learn, and learn I will.

A man holding a cup reading 'best intern ever'.
A man holding a cup reading 'best intern ever'.

Expedition office.

Next on the list: getting to know the rest of the office. And I mean the ENTIRE office. Valérie gives me a tour of the building. No small task seeing as this office, in Haasrode, is Ausy Belgium’s main office. 

I meet the different teams, and Valérie explains what everyone does. Ausy consists of many teams, but you wouldn’t notice this as an outsider. We have an open office plan and everyone talks to everyone. The teams are fluid and if there are any questions you can always go to someone for advice. 

During the tour, I also got to take a better look at the building.

And what a building it is! 

Showers, a bar (for the after work drinks on Friday) and a fully equipped kitchen. You could almost live here. Each floor has its own kitchen where you can get soup, fruit, coffee, water or soda. I definitely won’t go hungry or thirsty in the next 3 months.

9 to 5? hell no!

After the tour, it’s time to eat! People at Ausy don’t have a fixed lunch break: when you’re hungry, you take your break. Perfect for someone like me that doesn’t get hungry until the afternoon. 

Valérie also tells me our working hours are relatively flexible. Since I get to the office by bike, and there’s always the risk of a flat tyre or a broken chain, that takes away a lot of stress. This internship gets better and better!

Nerves? what nerves?

In the afternoon, I start working on my assignments. I’m just now realizing the amount of freedom that I get here. I get to choose what I do first and I follow my own schedule. As long as I respect my deadlines.

Valérie is always ready to answer any questions I might have. She literally drops everything when I need help. I honestly couldn’t wish for a better mentor. All the nerves and the insecurities I felt this morning are completely gone. The colleagues are great, my mentor is great and the assignments are great. What was I even worried about?

Still loving it!

Right now, I’m a month into my internship and my impressions of the first day still hold up. The marketing team consists of young people, but they’re all incredibly talented. It makes you happy to come here everyday, because you get to work with your peers. I’m still learning from my colleagues though, because of their expertise. It’s the best of both worlds: informative and fun. The biggest advantage for me is the great atmosphere. Almost every day there is someone that’s handing out cupcakes, brownies or pastries. And on Fridays, the fridge is always filled for the after work drink - so much fun!

I’m curious as to what the next weeks will bring me. You too? Stay tuned for my adventures!