At Ausy, we strive to be a partner throughout your entire career. Whether you’re a junior that’s recently graduated, or a senior with lots of experience that wants to change jobs - we believe we can find the right project for everyone!

That’s also how it went for Edwin, who, after being unable to work for a few years, found a new project as desksite support engineer at Ausy. He’d love to share his experiences with us.

difficult to start over after a certain age.

“In 2017, I got sick”, Edwin tells us. “For 3 years, I was unable to work. When I started looking for a job afterwards, I quickly noticed that it’s a lot harder to find a job after a certain age. When potential employers see that you’re over 50, the chances of an invitation for an interview get significantly smaller. Even if you have a lot of experience in a certain field. This was a very frustrating process…”

“Luckily, I knew someone that worked at Ausy. This person shared a job offer on social media that was right in my area of expertise. I applied, and was invited for an interview. At Ausy they wanted to give me the opportunity I needed, regardless of my age or the number of years I hadn’t worked!”

When potential employers see that you’re over 50, the chances of an invitation for an interview get significantly smaller.

desksite support engineer

desksite support engineer.

Edwin: “Today, I’m working as a desksite support engineer. This can be compared to a service desk engineer, but with more technical responsibilities. My tasks vary widely, they go from resetting passwords to troubleshooting and general support with computer problems.”

“I never finished my studies, but I do have 27 years of experience in IT. That’s what makes IT so great: you can learn a lot on the job. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m very interested in this sector either. When I go on holiday, I read manuals to relax - other people think I’m crazy!”, Edwin laughs.

a company that truly cares about its employees.

Edwin: “What I mostly appreciate, is the way in which Ausy communicates with its employees. My account manager is always ready to listen to my concerns, and actively tries to help me.”

“A while ago, I was home sick for a week. When I started working again, my account manager called me to check up on me and to see how I was doing. It’s those little things that go a long way in showing the humanity of this company. Our tagline is tech with personality, but the emphasis clearly lies on the personality!”

badge illustration
badge illustration

not everyone is tech-savvy.

“The downside of having so much experience, is that I sometimes forget that my clients aren’t as tech-savvy as I am”, Edwin continues. “As an IT professional, you have to take the time to explain what the problem was, and how you have solved it. And you should also do it at the client’s level. If they don’t understand the problem, they’ll soon return to you with the exact same problem.”

“So you do need some patience to do this job. But, as I always say, if everyone understood everything about IT, there would be no more jobs for people like me!”, Edwin laughs.

My ambition for the future? Being and staying healthy. And lots of traveling.

desksite support engineer

don’t forget the work-life balance.

Edwin: “Sometimes, you just have to take a step back. That might be the most important lesson I’ve learned in the last few years. Within IT there will always be new programs, techniques, programming languages … Is it important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends? Definitely! Is it necessary to follow up on everything right the second it comes out? I don’t think so. A healthy work-life balance is just as important.”

“So, if you ask me what my ambition for the future is, my answer would be: being and staying healthy. And lots of traveling. And after that, maybe getting into programming again, because that’s also a creative outlet for me… ;-)”