Competition rules

  1. The “Indipendi Day” competition is organised by AUSY GROUP BELGIUM NV (hereinafter referred to as “the Organiser”), having its registered office at 3001 Heverlee, Esperantolaan 8 with enterprise number 0686.849.278. The competition shall be held between 06.11.2020 to 20.11.2020. The competition is in two components and is open, on the one hand, to freelancers who are registered under the "Indipendi" application and, on the other, to freelancers with an Instagram and/or Facebook account.


  1. Participation in this competition shall imply acceptance of all the provisions of these rules as well as the Organiser’s decisions. The Organiser reserves the right to modify, postpone, curtail or cancel all or part of the competition if circumstances so require. The Organiser accepts no liability whatsoever on this account. Printing, spelling, typesetting or other errors by the Organiser, the participant or any other third party, including but not limited to the “Indipendi” application and/or Instagram and/or Facebook, cannot be invoked as grounds for any obligation whatsoever on the part of the Organiser.


  1. No correspondence (letters, e-mails and/or telephone calls) shall be conducted with regard to the competition rules, the organisation and/or the result of the competition. All additional notifications and/or announcements made by the Organiser in relation to the competition shall be deemed to have been automatically included in these regulations.


  1. This competition is aimed at freelancers who are registered under the “Indipendi” application and at freelancers with an Instagram and/or Facebook account. Participation in this competition does not imply any purchase obligation and is open to freelancers living within the territory of Belgium regardless of age. Minors shall however require the express, prior consent of parent(s) or guardian(s), and must be able to provide written proof of such consent whenever so requested by the Organiser. The following persons are barred from participating in this competition: the Organiser of the competition, all such persons who have participated in its realisation, including their first-degree relatives, as well as the persons living under the same roof with such persons.


  1. Any freelancer who either has the “Indipendi” application and is registered under it (or registers via the “Indipendi” registration page) or has an Instagram or Facebook account, and provided he has also followed the procedure set out in point 6 can participate in this competition.


  1. The competition is twofold, and therefore there are two ways in which a freelancer can participate in and win the competition. On the one hand, freelancers can win by participating in the “Space Invaders” game via the webpage “”. A freelancers can only win the competition provided the following steps are followed cumulatively:
  • Registering on the “Indipendi” application;
  • Playing the “Space Invaders” game, after registering on it via the “Indipendi” application or via the “Indipendi Day” landing page.

Freelancers who achieve the five highest scores will be considered winners of the competition. It must be clarified that these must be five different freelancers. If a freelancer achieves two or more of the five highest scores, only the freelancer’s highest score will be taken into account and the other score will be replaced by the next best score of another freelancer.

There is also an option to win the competition by participating in the campaign through Instagram and Facebook. A freelancer can only win the competition provided the following steps are followed cumulatively:

  • Having an Instagram account and/or Facebook account;
  • Sharing about the person playing “Space Invaders” either on their own Instagram or Facebook Story;
  • By tagging @team.ausy in this Instagram story, or “AUSY, a Randstad company” with this Facebook story;
  • Entering the hashtag “#indipendiday” in the Instagram and/or Facebook story.

One winner will be chosen by a randomiser from all the freelancers participating in the competition on Instagram and Facebook. This freelancer will also be considered a winner of the competition.

There is no limit on the number of times that a freelancer can participate in the competition.


  1. There will be a total of six (6) winners, and six (6) prizes will be awarded. The Organiser will decide which prizes will be awarded and the order in which they will be distributed.


  1. Winners will be notified by email. The modalities for handing over the prize and other possible practical arrangements shall be announced in due course. The message “the aliens have been defeated and the heroes have been rewarded”, meaning that the winners have been selected and that the competition will therefore be closed, will be shared on social media.


  1. Under no circumstances may the Organiser be held liable for any damage arising from participation in this competition or from the presentation, the sending, or the use of the prize. The Organiser can also not be held liable in case of failure or malfunction of the means of communication used (including the Internet, the applications and/or websites used, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).


  1. Any complaint or question concerning the organisation of this competition must be sent to the following e-mail address:


  1. All personal data shall be handled in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and of applicable national laws relating to the processing of personal data. Personal data will only be collected and processed to enable participation by freelancers in the competition and to provide them with the opportunity to win the competition. The processing of personal data shall be limited to this intended purpose. Personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties. Each person shall always have access to his/her personal data and can verify its accuracy. Each person shall have an opportunity to rectify inaccuracies in connection with his/her personal data. The best possible security measures shall be implemented to prevent the misuse of personal data by third parties.


  1. The courts of Leuven shall have sole jurisdiction over any disputes that may arise in relation to this competition. However, the participants and the Organiser shall make every effort to amicably settle all disputes before placing them before the aforementioned courts.