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Trainee on an internship as a recruiter confirms: ‘This is my dream job’

Sakina is in her final year of studying Applied Psychology at Thomas More University, and doing an internship as a recruiter for Recruitment & Selection within the field of Life Sciences. It’s the perfect choice, especially as she previously spent two years studying Biomedical Laboratory Technology and two years working as a pharmacy assistant. What does she think are the main benefits of an internship at AUSY?

It was clear from the very first minute of her interview that Sakina had nothing but praise about her internship: ‘I’m in the right place here. It’s exactly what I want to do,’ she says. ‘When I came for my interview with AUSY, I already knew I had opportunities to join a couple of other companies. But I really felt that I clicked with Anneleen, my future mentor.’

‘I mainly remember how she took the time to tell me all about the company, the profiles and the departments. The fact that I could help determine my own progress was also very appealing. And when I read about the AUSY values, I thought: yes, that’s right for me!’


Uitzicht kantoor Berchem


Recruitment from start to finish with the right supervision

‘I was given a really good opportunity right at the start of my internship when I was asked to join an intake interview with a new customer. After the interview I drew up the job description myself, which seems quite unique when I hear stories from other trainees. That experience has certainly stayed with me, but I’m learning much more besides thanks to the varied range of duties I have to carry out,’ explains Sakina. 

‘I now know how to look for the right CVs and do telephone screenings, for example. My internship supervisor Anneleen has really helped me gain this knowledge. I followed various screenings together with her, and then it was my turn to do it myself. Anneleen was always there to help me and happy to give me the right feedback when I needed it.’

‘And it’s not just Anneleen I’m learning from, but also other colleagues, for example during the interviews I sit in on,’ adds Sakina. ‘This means I’m able to try out my own approach step by step and keep developing during the interviews I can conduct myself.’

‘And after the interviews I record the conversation in a proposal text for the customer. So as you can see, I’m given plenty of opportunity to get involved in the entire recruitment process.’

Top marks for atmosphere and ambience

Sakina soon felt at home in the Life Sciences team in Berchem: ‘There’s a really open atmosphere here and my colleagues appreciate my ideas and input. I’m not just “the trainee”. It’s really nice that we can socialise during the lunch break or monthly company update, for example.’

Recruiter Sakina aan het werk


‘And I notice that my colleagues continue this openness in their contacts with candidates. They listen to people and do everything they can to find the right job for everyone, also involving other colleagues in other specialist areas when appropriate.’

Mentor Anneleen is a really good example

‘Finally, I’d also like to sing the praises of my mentor, Anneleen. She has several years’ experience and is a really good example for me. She’s helped me learn how to be professional but still accessible in this role.’

‘I’m really happy with the way she’s supervised me,’ continues Sakina. ‘We sit together for a meeting every week even though she’s got a very full diary. We look at what’s gone well and what could still be improved, and I can tell her what I want to learn more about. She also challenges me just enough and communicates her expectations to me very clearly.’

So it’s safe to say that Sakina can see herself working here full-time one day? ‘Definitely! This is exactly the job I want!’

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