RPA in practice: 5 key learnings [Infographic]

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is hot nowadays! Doesn't this concept ring a bell yet? In short: Robotic Process Automation refers to software that is programmed to automatically take over simple repetitive tasks at work.

At the end of February, we invited Jeanine De Smet to our After Work Talk to tell us more about these processes. Jeanine is working as a Business Controller at Randstad Group and joined the RPA pilot project of the Finance department 2 years ago. She and her colleagues have automated numerous processes in finance, accounting, and back office.

Who better to give you these RPA best practices?

By the way, such an After Work Talk might be your cup of tea! Make sure to check our aftermovie.

After Work Talk RPA

Before you read on, would you like to know all about Randstad's RPA project itself? Finance Manager Kenneth tells you how they proceeded. In the article, you will also read more about our own RPA project about automated self-billing.

Back to business: what did Jeanine learn for the past 2 years?

Infographic RPA


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