Digital Savviness Academy: the answer to digital transformation

Do you think terms such as API, IoT, Big Data and AI are for nerds? Think again! 

Every single day we are all confronted with the never ending digital innovation. Chatbots that help you with online banking, a smart camera system in Colruyt to scan your fruits and vegetables or Netflix, recommending you new series or movies to watch based on your viewer profile: digital transformation is everywhere.

These trends are here to stay, even in your job. The keywords here are: smart, efficient and economical. You want to have an advantage in the job market? Then you better keep up with the latest digital trends and developments.

To guarantee this advantage to our consultants, we created our very own Digital Savviness Academy. Check it out!

When exactly are you digital savvy?

If you google ‘digital transformation’, you’ll immediately find some useful tips & tricks on this topic. You’ll also be able to enroll for many different trainings and many online agencies will claim to be the best partner to improve your operational processes through digital technology. 

But what those 5 minutes on Google will mostly tell you, is that nowadays, digital transformation plays an important role in every company.

Andy Stynen, AUSY’s CEO: “Because we work with so many clients, we notice this phenomena in different ways. Nowadays, more and more of our clients need an integrated, comprehensive solution. Digital is always the central thread.”

“The skills needed by our consultants to help their clients in the best possible way are also evolving,” according to Andy. “Being digital savvy is becoming a core competence.” 

“Does this mean everyone should just get a diploma in IT? No, of course not. It means you have to know how certain digital developments can offer a strategic advantage in dealing with the business challenges that come your way. To help our consultants obtain these insights, we started the Digital Savviness Academy.”

The Academy in a nutshell

  • Our students go through 3 levels, from digital awareness to a vast digital expertise.
  • During this trajectory, our consultants can follow some of the most relevant trainings from different approved organizations. They are categorized into different learning paths and methods.
  • These can for example be learning moments about digital transformation, data-driven decision making, big data and digital media technology.
  • For every training that our consultants pass, they receive an AUSY certificate. This is definitely an advantage on their resume! They will have a greater chance of getting hired for certain projects. It’s a real boost for their careers!

AUSY endorses Be The Change charter

Agoria is also convinced digital transformation will have a lasting impact on the labor market. They are a pioneer in the development of a digital skills passport, which will give an overview of a person’s digital skills. We have also mapped these skills onto the Digital Savviness Academy.

AUSY resides in the Digital industries Committee and endorses the Be The Change Charter. This way we prepare our consultants for the future labor market. Discover which commitments we are undertaking.

Do you also want to get digital savvy?

The Digital Savviness Academy is one of the perks of working for AUSY. Start the trajectory and prepare for a career that will open doors for you!

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