What's it like to work as a Software Engineer at Paddle?


From Webmaster to Full-stack developer

Michel: "I started working at AUSY as a Webmaster. A few months later, I got offered the opportunity to start programming as a Software Engineer at Paddle, a consortium inside AUSY Belgium. Over 2 years later, I still like this job."

"Paddle is managing the kañooh framework contract. The Drupal-based software-as-a-service platform allows public authorities to create websites in a simple way. At first, I mostly did backend development, but today, I'm operating as a full-stack developer."

"I'm responsible for both the analysis and the front and backend development for the Paddle project. That's an exciting challenge!"


Visiting PHP Benelux thanks to AUSY

Michel: "Last January, I attended PHP Benelux thanks to AUSY Belgium's Competence Center. It's fascinating to see how PHP 7 is developing. PHP Benelux provided me with a different perspective on the possibilities of PHP, and I even got some tips to apply in Drupal as well. For example, I learned a lot about how you can make your PHP code readable for other developers."

"I especially remember my workshop about asynchronous programming. Increasing the performance of the code is the future. Drupal 8 is also evolving in that direction. I'm looking forward to this progress."


Michel Paddle



A future as an analyst

Michel: "I have discovered that I like to make analyses. I hope that in the long term, my career can evolve in that direction."

"But apart from that, analytical insight comes in handy in my current job. Having a problem-solving mind is a true asset and can help you to face challenges. Moreover, being able to focus is equally important."

"An important lesson that I've learned during my career is that you have to be open to influences of other colleagues. We help each other, and I am using information of others to help me grow. You don't only have to count on yourself."

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