LAN Party: even a broken screen couldn't spoil the fun

Saturday 21 April is a day to remember: we threw our second AUSY LAN Party in our head office in Leuven! 7 CS:GO teams battled for victory.

2nd line engineer Sam showed us his best game tricks: "The LAN Party was a lot of fun! Together, we tried to finish first. It required a lot of teamwork, and it was quite stressful, but I sure had fun. I met a few people, and we now play Counter Strike together. Count me in for next year (victory will be mine then!)." 

We handed out amazing prizes: the teams that finished first and second received gift vouchers worth € 750 in total. The team that finished third got a pie made out of candy - yum!

In our aftermovie below, you can see for yourself how much fun we had. Make sure to check out the photos on our Facebook page.

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