Journal of Medicine: efficiently manage memberships

Journal of Medicine, a magazine about - you probably guessed it - medicine,  is published every 2 weeks. Doctors and medical students who subscribe, receive the magazine in their mailbox and can access the electronic archive.

The previous website couldn't keep up with the latest trends and needed an update. The site wasn't responsive, and as far as user-friendliness was concerned, there was room for improvement.


Tailor-made login procedure

Our Solutions team got to work and built a Drupal 8 website, including a flow that allows members to log in and to access articles online. Finding the right flow was quite a challenge. Subscribers use their email address to log in to the new website. But Journal of Medicine didn't have all the email addresses of its subscribers.

So we created 2 ways to log in:

  1. One for new subscribers
  2. And one for current subscribers who have a login for the old website and who are visiting the new website for the first time

All subscribers can manage their membership online. By using automated flows, and depending on the membership, doctors and students receive, for example, an email to remind them about the automatic renewal of their membership.


Website Tijdschrift voor Geneenskunde


Those processes allow the team behind Journal of Medicine to work more efficient. Since every subscriber has a certain status, it's easy to check which cases require a manual action. It's possible to:

  • Indicate online who already paid the membership
  • See when someone's membership will end
  • Create promotions (for example to enable free website access for a few months)


Next: peer reviewing articles

At a later stage, we will, first of all, create and implement an editorial flow. Currently, we're carrying out the functional analysis. The aim is to ease peer reviewing on submitted articles. Bring it on!

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