Go on a date with your Account Manager

But how do we get to know you?

That's easy: our Account Managers take you out on a date!

Not the romantic one on one kind, but fun activities in which you and your other AUSY colleagues who are working at the same client can participate. During some events, you can even get to know colleagues who are working on other projects. Nice!

What activities did we already organize?


We went to the beach for a fun race

Some of our consultants really enjoyed the start of last summer. In June, the AUSY team that's manning Telenet's service desk went to the beach with their Account Managers and raced with special beach go-karts.

Service Delivery Manager David: "It was an enjoyable day. The bad weather didn't spoil the fun, on the contrary: the go-karts went extra fast thanks to the stiff breeze!"

Make sure to check the pictures.



Time to play sports: altitude trail, mountain bike, and archery

David, Account Managers Mie and Taoufik, Director Managed Services Bart and Director Staffing Kevin took their consultants to Hampteau. On the program was something for everybody: an altitude trail, a mountain bike ride or archery.




It was a great day, although the mountain bike ride seemed a challenge.

Bart: "During the mountain bike ride, we were supposed to follow the red arrows. That was easier said than done. After about 40 minutes, we were on a completely different route, and a little while later, we were back where we started. So we got settled then on the sunny terrace of a bar. That was pleasant as well!"

"I liked that the altitude trail passed above the archery. It allowed us to interact with each other!", tells Mie. The consultants that decided to take the altitude trail could participate in the archery afterwards.


Fun and exciting: escape rooms

Going to an escape room is one of the most popular activities. When the consultants of Brussels Airport Company went to an escape room, they ended up in... the Flight 923 room. They had to try to stay alive, while the pilot was unconscious and the plane malfunctioned.

As illustrated by this photo, Locked Leuven has a beer room as well!


Escape Room


Data center Operator Dorien had a great time: "The puzzles were well-thought-out, and we laughed a lot! I absolutely appreciate these events. You get to know your colleagues informally, and you also meet colleagues who are working on other projects."


And now it's your turn?

Would you also like to plan an event with your Account Manager and your other colleagues? Just get in touch with your Account Manager. Together, you will come up with a fun activity!

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