Competence@Work: one of the perks of working at AUSY Solutions

Do you already know AUSY Solutions? It's AUSY's internal project team consisting of developers, project managers, analysts, and testers. They do everything possible to complete our clients' projects. Whether it's a website, an application, a platform or a campaign, they come up with a tailor-made solution concerning analyses and development as well as support and maintenance.

Some of our achievements:

Our Competence Center, and our Training Officer Evelyn, in particular, help every colleague to define a tailor-made training course. Latest initiative: Competence@Work.


Spending extra time on challenging and creative projects

Evelyn: "Competence@Work is based on hands-on learning. After all, theory and practice are 2 separate things. The initiative provides extra time, next to the daily projects, to look into certain IT related matters."

"It can be anything, like experimenting with the possibilities of new technical evolutions for current and future projects or dig further into a problem that occurred during a project."

"Competence@Work commits to innovation. Colleagues can develop proof of concepts, or focus on optimization."

"Our developers often come up with great ideas to optimize internal tools and to make their work easier. If it fits into their schedule, they can work on their ideas. The projects are fun and challenging, and boost their knowledge and creativity!"


Competence@Work in practice: automated regression records

Suranga is one of those developers that came up with an idea, which he recently implemented thanks to Competence@Work.

Suranga: "I automated the extra basic regressions for our projects. The goal was to create a system with a thorough/generic basic coverage that can be implemented quickly so that we can also apply it to current projects."

"The system combines a containerized pipeline, Selenium, ImageMagick and custom code. Basically, it's a visual regression. The pipeline works in 2 phases:

  • In the first phase, the pipeline spins up a copy of the current site (Docker), and screenshots are taken (Selenium).
  • Next, the changes are applied to the code, and "the same" pages are reviewed again.
  • ImageMagick then checks the differences between the pages. This results in an artifact that holds an overview of the differences, ready to be validated."

"The system leads to a more efficient flow. The possible side effects of changes are clear to the QA and the developer. It's perfect for small changes that need to be implemented right away. The next step? An integration with behavior tests that allows us to check more complex scenarios as well."

What's the most important benefit of Competenc@Work?

"Everyone can learn how to write code. But using everything you learned in practice, is a true challenge. Thanks to this initiative, I was able to build something that helps me to work even more efficient and to produce projects of the highest quality. That's the reason why I would recommend other colleagues to try Competence@Work!"

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