Being employed at AUSY for 50 years


Frederik - System Engineer - working at AUSY for 12 years

When you're working this long as an IT consultant at the same employer, there must be some professional milestones that influenced your career. If you ask Frederik, his project at Johnson&Johnson was the first milestone: "In 2005, I started working there as an Application Engineer. Quite a challenge, since it was my first IT-oriented job. I never pitied seizing this opportunity."

"My project at Securitas was a 2nd important milestone: I was a member of the AUSY support team. Today, I'm no longer in IT support. I'm working as a System Engineer at SD Worx. I have fewer contact with the end users but provide support on everything that has to do with storage, virtualization and Windows server systems."

Frederik's tip for recently graduated IT consultants

"It's important to be yourself. There's no point in pretending to be someone else, regarding your personality or technical skills."


Frederik, Boudewijn, Kris



Boudewijn - Frontend Developer - working at AUSY for 10 years

Boudewijn is working at AUSY for 10 years as a Frontend Developer at Telenet.

"I experienced practically every rebranding of Telenet. Such projects always cause last minute work for me and my team. But we always managed to get to job done in time, and that makes me proud!"

Since our consultants are working on the client's premises, we don't meet them at our offices that often. But we want to make sure that they feel part of the AUSY team. Boudewijn proves that our approach is working: "When there's a party, and I stop by the head office, I always feel very welcome. Even colleagues who I've never met before, approach me for a little chat."

Boudewijn's tip for recently graduated IT-consultants

"Forget what you learned at school. In the "real" world, things are always a little different. You will have to think out of the box, and you will have to come up with different solutions for problems."


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Kris - PHP/Angular Developer - working at AUSY for 10 years

Kris is working on the internal Solutions department of AUSY Belgium: "Our team builds custom software applications for the clients of AUSY. Think, for example, of a registration module or tools for managing conferences."

"Before I started working at Solutions, I've always worked as a consultant. My project at Telenet definitely is a milestone in my career. I maintained various PHP applications and worked on projects with great visibility. Nice!"

Kris's tip for recently graduated IT consultants

"Let the benefits of IT consultancy broaden your mind. At the start of your career, find out your strengths. Thanks to the different projects you will discover how you want to proceed with your career."


Jan - Primary Resource Lync - working at AUSY for 7 years

"Proximus, Johnson&Johnson, Infrabel, and Toyota: I'm proud of every project!"

"At Proximus, I supported the professional customers. First, I just had to follow up installations. After a while, I committed to turn the department into a 2nd line helpdesk. Mission accomplished!"

When Jan was working at Johnson&Johnson, he helped out with an in-house migration project from XP to Windows 7. At Infrabel, he also carried out migrations, all over Belgium. Today at Toyota, he's responsible for the roll-out of Lync/Skype for Business in every factory.

"It's a very challenging project, but that's important to me. I want to move forward, learn new things and be proud of myself at the end of the day."

Jan's tip for recently graduated IT consultants

"Are you slightly panicking and starting to lose your head? That's a sign that you're expanding your skills! You can only reach that point when you dare to leave your comfort zone."


Jan, Thomas



Thomas - Wifi Expert - working at AUSY for 5 years

In 5 years time, Thomas succeeded in building an impressive career at Proximus. At the start of his career, he began working, via AUSY, at the service desk of ASTRID (the telecommunications platform for the federal police and the emergency services).

"Afterwards, I started to work as a Network Analyst. I performed background checks and created a secure environment to troubleshoot on the networks of our clients. Next, I moved to another team, where I, amongst others, expanded my knowledge about wireless."

"And thanks to this expanded knowledge, I eventually joined the wireless team. We're troubleshooting on the wireless technologies of our clients, installations, and staging."

What does Thomas look for in a job? "Especially the opportunity to keep improving my technical skills. I already obtained a few certificates thanks to the AUSY Competence Center: CCNP switch and Checkpoint CCSA. Through self-learning, I obtained my CCNA and CCNA Wireless."

Thomas's tip for recently graduated IT consultants

"When you just graduated, going to a job interview for the very first time can be a little scary. Try not to get overwhelmed and be confident."


Jef - Network Engineer - working at AUSY for 4 years

Over the years, Jef obtained different certificates, always in the context of his project: "I obtained the CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNP Switch, Palo Alto ACE and nCSE certificate. In the future, I hope to obtain even more certificates!"

"As a Network Engineer at BNP Paribas Fortis, I offer 2nd line support. In particular, regarding wifi problems, I also provide 3rd line support. That's why I think about certifying in CCNA Wireless."

To junior IT guys and girls, Jef would recommend obtaining a certificate as soon as possible: "Theoretical knowledge is not enough. A certificate will help you to get practical knowledge too."

Jef's tip for recently graduated IT consultants

"Don't underestimate the importance of good communication. Even when you're busy, you can't ignore your emails. Keep people posted about the problem you're fixing for them and always send a reply."


Jef, Quinten



Quinten - Network Analyst - working at AUSY for 2 years

Quinten is working as a Network Analyst at Proximus. What exactly is he doing there? "I fix network problems of the business clients of Proximus and apply changes to the network."

Even though he only recently started to build his career, he strongly evolved on a professional level: "I acquired a lot of positive qualities. I now know how important it is to be proactive and eager to learn. As much as possible, I try to take responsibility for tasks that need to be done: the more I do, the more I can learn."

"I like to attend the events of AUSY Belgium. It's a great way to get in touch with the colleagues of the head office and to get to know other IT consultants." In other words: Quinten feels at home at AUSY!

Quinten's tip for recently graduated IT consultants

"You don't have to be afraid to start something (new). In the IT business, everything is moving quickly, and it's important that you are willing to learn. Broaden your mind!"

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