Young Potential Program for Junior Developers

So you want to write code for the most innovative web applications and fixing bugs seems a real challenge to you? You will feel at home in our Start IT Up program. Like a duck taking to water!

After an intensive training in backend technologies and frontend frameworks and an unforgettable (international) development event, you'll be ready to really contribute to one of our biggest customers (Telenet, Colruyt, KBC, SD Worx, EDF Luminus...) as a junior developer. Of course, your mentor will be by your side to help and support you if necessary.

Take this challenge and you can be sure of a head start in your IT career!

How does Start IT Up work for developers?

Step 1: intensive training of 8 weeks in backend and frontend

  • We'll make sure you excel in the most business relevant backend and frontend frameworks
  • On top of that we prep you to the maximum for a career as IT consultant by sharpening your soft skills.
  • We offer a variety of classical trainings and e-learnings

Step 2: meet fellow developers on an (inter)national event

That's right! In between all the training and studying, you get the chance to discover the world of development at an (inter)national development event. Together with your co-Start IT Uppers you’ll get to know the newest frameworks and latest updates. What is hot right now? Cool, isn’t it?

Step 3: you start your career as a junior development consultant

After the 8 weeks of training and studying, your career as a junior development consultant really starts. We’ll look for just the right project at one of our biggest clients. Think of organizations like Colruyt, KBC, SD Worx and EDF Luminus!

We get that your (first) new job can be overwhelming. That's why, from day 1, a mentor will guide and support you during the entire project. As a result, you will develop your abilities at an exceptional rate.

What happens when the program is over?

We're sure that by the end of the program, you will have impressed the company you were working at. Maybe there will be room for you on the team so you can continue your work and you can start enjoying the benefits of IT consultancy:

  • The great variety in projects whereby you'll learn quickly and you'll never get bored
  • Personal coaching and follow-up
  • Numerous of customized trainings 
  • Typical AUSY: fun after work activities where you can get to know your colleagues a little better - think sailwagonraces, escape rooms and fancy dinners! 

Just imagine what a great career you could build!?

How to participate?

  • Do you have a bachelor's degree in IT and less than 1 year of working experience? 
  • Are you fluent in Dutch and English? 
  • Are you up for IT consultancy and are you eager to expand your technical knowledge even more? 

Then it's a match!

Use the form below to leave us your contact details and we will tell you more about the different steps in the recruitment process!