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If you are starting up an automation project within your company, you are not going to do it overnight. Discover if you’re ready.

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our strategy

  • We guide you from the start. What does your organization look like? What exactly do you want to achieve, and why? This way, you can be sure that you are integrating a solution that fits your company and your goals. In the short and long term.
  • Together with your team, we dive into the existing processes and come up with a plan of action that determines which processes can best be automated and in which way. 
  • Our team helps you to develop your bots. Either we do everything ourselves, or we offer you the necessary support so that your employees can automate processes independently. 
  • Once your bots are hard at work, we'll be watching from the sidelines. From updating your bot, to monitoring its performance and the overall impact of the RPA solution on your business, we're with you every step of the way.
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jan verbieren

business director business consulting

My solutions team and I believe that operational issues and frustrations are the basic opportunities (FROPS) for feasible, workable solutions, usually with a digital underpinning and always with a strong customer focus, in order to make a rapid impact on business operations.

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