Software Services: digital projects from a to z

Whether you want a new website, a personalised app for ordering packages or a new environment with office tools or applications that can make life easier for your employees, our client team is here to help. The result will be  a product you can be really proud of!

We will make a success of your digital project, working from our own Software Delivery Centers in Leuven or Ghent. Together, our analysts, architects, project managers, developers and testers will form a team to guide you through the entire process. 

Here are a few of our projects:

How will we tackle your digital project?

You will no longer have to worry about changing contact persons, quick fixes and transfers to support teams that lead to important project information getting lost. Using a completely individualised approach, we focus on quality that really works to get results that make us proud.

We want to build a long-term relationship with you. 2 aspects that are typically “us” contribute to this:

  • We work with fixed client teams
  • We are available to help you with support & maintenance

The benefits of a client team

A client team will be there for you from a to z and will take care of the development, expansion, maintenance and support of your project. It goes without saying that this approach only has benefits:

Our focus is always on stable, long-term solutions.

  • This benefits the quality of the site or application.
  • The fact that the team has the time to really get to grips with your project makes it exceptionally committed.
  • As the team members will be closely involved with your project over a long period, they will get to know your organisation through and through.
  • You will have contact with 1 fixed person and be able to build a good relationship with them.

Now that’s what we call service!

What exactly does support & maintenance entail?

After we have launched your project together, we will never just leave you to get on with things. This is logical, as in today’s online world, you can’t build a website or application and then just walk away from it

You will no longer have to worry about technological changes. If, after tracking the end-user’s surf behaviour, you notice that you need functional or content-related adjustments, we will be there for you.

But what about Drupal and other security updates, hosting, performance and back-ups? Naturally we will also take care of all this!
Your client team will make adjustments both reactively and proactively on the basis of a maintenance contract tailored to requirements. Wow!

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