Junior Academy

It's not easy to attract the right IT experts, let alone make sure they bond with your company. AUSY can help you out with that - and how!

As a company, you can be a part of Start IT Up: our 1-year Young Potential Program which launches the career of beginning IT experts within your organization.

We offer our young potentials 2 options:

  • A program for developers
  • A program for network engineers

How does this work?

From beginning till end, we will be taking care of your junior IT consultant

We guarantee trained and certified junior profiles: at the beginning of the program, AUSY will provide them with additional training. We will offer you a customized rate, too.

Next, the participants will go abroad for an internship of a month at one of our international AUSY offices in Nice or Toulouse. Or they stay a bit closer to home for an internship in Belgium, at one of our enterprise clients. 

Participants of the development program for network engineers will receive a ticket for an international conference (Cisco Live!).

A mentor will guide the junior IT expert during the entire project. Thanks to this personal coaching, the newest member of your team will develop his/her abilities at an exceptional rate. 

Can you just sit back (and relax) then?

For the most part, yes. The only thing you have to provide is an extra spot on your team. From the very beginning, the junior developers will take this team to a higher level. They will assist where necessary, but thanks to the additional training and mentoring, they will also confidently help to figure out and to perform technical solutions. 

By the way, you will have a say in deciding which consultant can start working in your team. Thanks to extensive screening, we will only introduce you to the most talented and motivated juniors with the right mindset.

What happens after the program?

At the end of the program, the juniors will understand your environment like the back of their hand. This will definitely come in handy when they continue to work for you as a consultant.

What benefits are in it for you? Even when the program is over, we will commit to personal coaching and follow-up. Moreover, our Training Officer will continue to define a tailor-made training program.

In short: even after this first year, you can be sure that the juniors will keep evolving and add even more value to your team!

How do you bring/get those juniors on board?

It's easy to be part of Start IT Up! Use the form below to leave us your contact details so we can soon discuss the possibilities!

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