“We started our project at TEGOVA in September 2020”, Jeroen van Vaerenbergh, project manager at Ausy for TEGOVA tells us. “The TEGOVA website was no longer technologically up-to-date at that point, and was in need of a fresh start. We took care of both the backend application and the public website and built them both based on Drupal, carefully planning the work in conjunction with the client, including clearly milestoning  and scheduling the project, and interacting regularly with the client during the development. The result was delivered on time, in September 2021, and was a user-friendly and easily adjustable website”.

podcast integration.

TEGOVA:  “One of the things Ausy helped us with is getting our podcast online. They integrated a building block on the website that allows us to upload our podcasts with a simple click, as well as uploading them to a few popular streaming services.”

“We’ve really future-proofed the website”, says Jeroen. “Not just the functionalities, but also the features, flexibility and the technical build. The website can handle large numbers of visitors from all countries who can, if necessary, log in at the same time and work on the extranet. TEGOVA is truly ready for the future now.”

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