That’s why Fiberklaar, a cooperation between Proximus and EQT Infrastructure, is investing 5 billion euros to give as many people as possible access to fiber optic cables, which substantially speed up data traffic and have a positive impact on our economy. Equans is facilitating this by digging, drilling or welding in, among others, Brussels and Antwerp, and bringing fiber optic cables into people’s homes.

from concept to detailed design.

To realize this process, Equans needs detailed plans, on which the installers can see very clearly which type of connection has to be placed where. Starting from September 2020, Equans has entrusted us with this task. “We first started with a training trajectory”, Frederik Verstraete, business director project services at Ausy tells us. “After the training, we designed a pilot. Once this was approved, we started working on the detailed design full time. When everything was up to Equans’ standards, we were able to roll out the pilot activity in the detailed design.”

Equans put their full trust in our plans to expand the fiber optic network. Depending on demand, we can quickly and in a flexible way adjust our offer. Thanks to the fixed price per connection, Equans is able to optimize its costs. “Meanwhile, in 2021 we planned about 30,000 fiber optic connections”, says Frederik. “During peak moments, we are able to process up to 9,000 connections per month. We are now gradually increasing this number. In the coming months, we will add 35,000 connections to the existing Go4Fiber project that we are working on next to Fiberklaar/Unifiber. We can quickly and correctly respond to Equans’ demand: if they wish to do so, we can multiply these numbers in the short term, but if they are temporarily planning fewer connections, the costs will also go down.”

unburden equans completely.

Next to flexibility, we also guarantee quality and punctuality. “We make sure all knowledge is safeguarded, and since the entire process continues with us, we keep the quality steady at a high level. What’s more, we ensure that all plans are put to paper on time, so there will be no conflicts in the execution. This way, Equans can be sure the entire process runs smoothly. That’s how we unburden them completely of this crucial step in installing fiber optic cable”, concludes Frederik. 

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