March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day. On this day, we celebrate women worldwide, but we should also use this day to think about the women that don’t have the chance to build a career, that don’t live in a comfortable house with a closet full of clothes … That’s why Ausy wants to contribute to an organization that fights for equal rights and opportunities for everyone: Vrouwenraad. 

What does vrouwenraad do?

The organization fights for equal rights and opportunities. For women, but for men as well. Vrouwenraad is an umbrella organization for associations that strive to guarantee equal opportunities within society. 

On their website, Vrouwenraad tells you that they fight for “a society in which sex and gender are no longer a tool used for hierarchy, where people are no longer confronted with subordination mechanisms, stereotyping and inequality.”

How does the organization do this? By spreading information on gender topics, by giving out policy advice, stimulating societal and political debate, by talking with policymakers and lobby groups …

ausy wants to give back.

Andy, Ausy’s CEO, thinks it’s important to realize how good we have it, and to give back to society.

Andy: “I’ve been incorporating this personal vision of mine in Ausy for several years now. In the past, we’ve mostly supported small, local initiatives, but we also contribute in many ways to for example Kom Op Tegen Kanker.”

“By supporting these organizations, and Vrouwenraad in particular, I also want to send out a positive message to my coworkers. We’re a humane company, and we’re not blind to the problems that are still very much alive in 2020.”

And with this in mind, we donated € 1000 to Vrouwenraad!