Big news for the gamers among us: KV Mechelen launches its new e-sports department, in which AUSY takes the role of main sponsor. KV Mechelen has announced this collaboration with a video in which some big names in the (e-)sports world compete against each other. Miran Salim and Dante Vanzeir for example.

E-sports, the right choice.

At first glance, AUSY and the world of e-sports don’t have anything in common. However, they are connected in more ways than you might think. Fabio, our Business Director, explains: “Our target audience is similar to that of KV Mechelen. Out of the 700 IT’ers working for us, about 200 are just now making their first steps in this sector. They are young, they just got their diploma.” And we know all too well that young IT’ers like to game. “I concur,” Fabio tells us, “nowadays I don’t have as much free time as I used to, but I still love to game whenever I can.”

Every year, we organize a LAN-party for these young IT’ers. Fabio: “It’s always a success: dozens of IT’ers battling for the first prize. A relaxed atmosphere, good food, great prizes … What more do you want?” Now that KV Mechelen has announced AUSY as the main sponsor of their e-sports department, the fans of these LAN-parties already have some big expectations for the next party. “I can’t say anything about that yet,” Fabio says, “but you can be sure that this year's LAN-party will have an extra touch.”

About the collaboration.

Our collaboration with KV Mechelen doesn’t stop at the new jerseys with our logo. Miran Salim, KV Mechelen’s new Chief Gaming Officer will also assist in some of our recruitment activities. Where and when you can meet Salim, however, is still a secret.