You were surfing to the DataFlow or ONE Agency website and you ended up here - huh!?

Are you questioning yourself what you did wrong? Please, don’t. It’s not you. It’s us. On 2 October 2017, we put an end to our brands DataFlow and ONE Agency. from now, we are “just” AUSY Belgium. A full-service IT company, part of the international AUSY Group. No more additional brands.

Check out our blog for the full story behind our brand simplification.

2017-10-01 10:282 minutes read News

2 October 2017 is a day we won't soon forget. Today, we put an end to our brands DataFlow and ONE Agency. We will tell you how this decision will ensure further growth and innovation for AUSY Belgium.

AUSY Belgium is a full-service IT company

Why did we decide to put an end to the brands DataFlow and ONE Agency? Well, simply put, AUSY Belgium has evolved to a full-service IT company, and the clear gap between the 2 brands is becoming smaller. The brand simplification feels like a natural step.

Andy Stynen, our CEO, elaborates on this: "For the past 2 years, we've taken some important steps that have ensured our evolution towards an integrated full-service IT company. This helped us to grow strongly, both regarding turnover and profitability."

"We continue to invest in an integrated approach. Our existing clients already benefit from this approach. The brand change points out this vision to the outside world as well."

Consortia NovaComm and kañooh keep their own brand name within AUSY Belgium. This proves that in the future, we still want to act as an accelerator, and are open for fresh initiatives, whether or not with their own brand name.  

No ready-made solutions

Sounds good on paper, but is it also working in practice? Yes, it is! Our colleagues Fabio, Tom, Wim and Sam make it happen. 2 Customer Success Managers and 2 Technical Solutions Architects, respectively, that promote our integrated approach.

Together with the different delivery teams, they ensure that AUSY Belgium can provide a full and integrated answer to clients' problems, rather than a purely ready-made solution.

"What a great idea!"? We agree!

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