Business analyst Stijn took an unusual path within Ausy. He applied for a position in our finance team, but ended up getting a job in the business support team. After being away for a while, he came back as a business analyst thanks to the Ausy Academy

What motivated him to come back to Ausy and why did he choose the Ausy Academy and a job as a business analyst? We asked him!

improving internal processes.

“I studied accountancy and taxation. So 4 years ago, I applied for a position in Ausy's finance team”, Stijn tells us.

“When I entered the headquarters, I was immediately impressed. Unfortunately, the finance position had already been filled, but luckily they were still looking for someone in the business support team. I think my contract was signed within the day! ;-)”

“I really enjoyed working in the BST team for 2,5 years. Even there, I was already working regularly to improve processes. I like to think about how things can be done better, faster and more efficiently.”

“Due to changes to Ausy's internal structure, I was away for about 6 months. After those 6 months, I really wanted to get back to Ausy. My ex-manager of the BST team did not want to re-hire me in that team, because he knew there was a spot available in the Ausy Academy, which would lead me to another position that would suit me much better: business analyst in the automation chapter.”

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Stijn: “In my new function, I am working daily on improving the internal processes using RPA (Robotic Process Automation). That job really suits me, because I already know Ausy's processes so well, and I am extremely analytical.”

“If you study finance, you need to have an analytical mind. And that also comes in handy in the IT world. Moreover, I always liked improving internal processes, and that’s exactly what RPA does!”

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I'm always trying to improve processes. I like to think about how things can be done better, faster and more efficiently.

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business analyst

ausy academy.

“They often say you need an IT background to implement RPA, but I disagree”, Stijn continues. “There are all sorts of ways to delve into RPA without having experience in IT - just think about all the low-code and no-code tools that exist.”

“Moreover, Ausy has a special asset when it comes to learning new skills: the Ausy Academy!”

Stijn: “In the Ausy Academy, I learned everything I need to become a true RPA specialist. In a few weeks' time, the academy got me fully prepared to join my team - and now that period is over, I still regularly follow trainings via Udemy or UIpath.”

“Now that I have all these extra tools in my backpack, I hope to soon be able to help external customers with their RPA needs too!”