This year, once again, we are proud to be silver sponsor of the Formula Electric Belgium team. Formula Student is a project in which engineering students from all over the globe compete to design, build and ultimately race the best electric racing car. The prize? A terrific trophy, but above all, lots of extra practical knowledge and fantastic new friends! 

This year, the Formula Electric Belgium team, which consists of 52 students, will build their 14th racing car. What do we do to support them? What benefits does the team get from their partnership with Ausy? We asked Matthew and Toon.

writing vacancies together and refining interview techniques.

Toon: “Each year we look for new candidates to strengthen our team. The deadline for registrations for the postgraduate is strict so, on the one hand, candidates must be prompt in deciding they are interested to work on this project for one year, and on the other hand, we must make a quick but informed decision between all the applicants.”

“There are 3 kinds of profiles in our team each year:

  • part-timers: students who reinforce the team for six to eight hours a week, alongside their studies
  • post-graduate students: they take care of the biggest workload and work full-time on the project
  • students who are writing their master dissertation on Formula Electric Belgium

Our audience is therefore wide, and every year the challenge remains to attract the right profiles.”

“Ausy also gives us lots of support in writing our vacancies”, says Toon. “Each year we need new students who put their heart and soul into this fantastic project. Being students ourselves, we have no experience in the recruitment world, and it is a great relief that we can depend on the recruitment team at Ausy. They support us in word and deed throughout the year.”

“That’s right”, Matthew confirms. “The recruitment team at Ausy already sat down with us at the start of the academic year to run through and improve our vacancies. In this way, we made sure to attract the right people.”

“But that’s not all. The colleagues at Ausy also lend a hand when we conduct interviews with potential new candidates. They join the interviews, and give feedback and practical tips where required. They also support us in evaluating the candidates - allowing us to reach an objective decision together.”

Formula Electric team at a race
Formula Electric team at a race

support in the marketing department.

“As well as offering valuable tips for our recruitment process, Ausy also helped us in developing a marketing plan”, says Toon. “We ran a brainstorming session, and defined what was going well at that moment and what could still be improved.”

“Again, we were given plenty of practical tips. Furthermore, we can count on colleagues at Ausy to increase the reach of our social media channels. That is sure to give us plenty of extra likes!”

Formula Electric team with car
Formula Electric team with car

racing in the netherlands, hungary, and croatia.

Meanwhile, the team knows that this year they will be participating in races in the Netherlands (circuit Assen), Hungary (Hungaroring) and Croatia (Novi Marof). For Matthew and Toon, the ultimate bonus in participating in Formula Electric is clear: being able to race in a car that you have made all by yourself.

Matthew: “During your studies you learn lots of theory, but you gain no real practical experience. Building a racing car from A to Z is a unique, challenging and, above all, amazing experience. Then having the chance to race it… that’s the cherry on the cake!”

“If you are new to the team, you are sure to participate in at least one competition”, adds Toon. “Then you know what to expect the year after. Participating in this kind of competition, on a famous racing circuit, in a car that you worked really hard on for an entire year... that is the true pinnacle of engineering!” 

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