Data engineer Eray just graduated, and is now doing some more studying in the Ausy Academy.

Thanks to trainings such as AWS, SQL, Python programming course and many more, he is still learning new things, he’s easily employable at our clients, and he’s confident in his own expertise.

Discover why Eray and the Ausy Academy are the perfect match.

data engineering is my thing.

“Even as a kid, I was always fascinated by IT”, Eray starts off. “IT has so much potential, it can make our wildest dreams come true.”

“I quickly noticed that I was mainly interested in data. By working systematically, you can create tangible things with data. That’s more interesting to me than for example programming or back-end development.”

Eray: “That’s why I opted for studies in business engineering/IT. During my studies, I also had a few student jobs in which I got to work with data, for example through Randstad Young Talents. I’m glad I could get some practical experience that early on!”


next up: the data academy.

“But after I graduated earlier this year, I soon noticed that not even those student jobs had given me enough relevant experience for the real deal”, Eray continues. “I applied for many jobs, but when you’re just starting out, you can often only get the most boring jobs that offer no challenge at all. And I didn’t want to settle…”

“Luckily, this isn’t true at all for the Ausy Academy. When you start, you’ll follow relevant trainings for your area of expertise for a few weeks. In the Data Academy, I followed trainings such as AWS, SQL, PostgreSQL, Dimensional Modelling … And soon after, you’ll get to show your expertise on the market.”

Eray: “Thanks to these trainings, I’m highly employable, and I have a lot more confidence. I feel like an expert in my field, and I can work on projects that would normally require at least 2 or 3 years of experience.”

learning a lot, even about myself.

“Something I truly appreciate, is the fact that I get a say in what skills I still want to work on, and what sort of trainings I need in order to do so.”

Eray: “In this way, I can further expand my technical skills and learn new programming languages, but I can also work on my soft skills.”

“Through the Academy, I have participated in the Insights Discovery training, and I had a few sessions with a career coach. In these sessions, I learned that even as an IT expert, you need a healthy dose of empathy to help your clients - something I will definitely remember while working on projects!”

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Thanks to the trainings I get to follow in the Ausy Academy, I'm highly employable and I have a lot more confidence. I feel like an expert in my field, and I can work on projects that would normally require at least 2 or 3 years of experience.

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data academy

the ultimate goal: working as a freelancer.

“For now, I’m right where I need to be in the Data Academy”, Eray tells us, “but in the future, I would like to start working as a freelancer. I would also love to do this in collaboration with Ausy, because I know they can offer me the support I need.”

“But those are plans for the long term… ;-) Right now, I’m enjoying following trainings and becoming more and more of an expert!”

the ausy academy, something for you?

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