Muneeb is one of Ausy’s embedded software engineers. After first studying in Belgium and then in France, he decided he wanted to work at Ausy Belgium, and he moved here. So far, he hasn’t regretted it!

embedded software engineering.

“Engineering and I go way back”, Muneeb tells us. “In high school, I was already very interested in all the science courses. So when I had to pick my bachelors studies, I chose electrical engineering with several courses in software.”

“Since I’m mostly interested in smart technologies, energy for smart cities (which combines electrical engineering and computational algorithms) seemed like the appropriate choice for my master’s studies. ;-)”

“Embedded software engineering is actually in the middle between electrical engineering and software engineering. It borrows concepts from those 2. Embedded engineers work with hardware, to develop software. Most applications are well-known these days. Some examples are: smartphones, smart thermostats, autonomous cars, smart home automation …”

Muneeb: “I followed a dual master’s program. I started at the KU Leuven in Belgium - so I already got to know Belgium a bit at that point. My second master’s was in France. When I started looking for my first job, I immediately thought of Ausy. It’s a well-known name within the engineering and IT sector, and I already knew the company also specialized in embedded software engineering.”

“When I got offered a job as an embedded software engineer at Ausy Belgium, I didn’t hesitate for a second and I moved here!”

Muneeb selfie
Muneeb selfie

culture of support.

Muneeb: “I like working at Ausy because it has a very supportive company culture. My colleagues are always there for me when I have questions, but there are also multiple learning platforms and other tools I can use to improve my skills.”

“Moreover, Ausy is also active in very interesting industries, and it has some top-profile clients that work with cutting-edge software technologies. It’s definitely a great place to start my career!”

“I’m currently working at one of Ausy’s clients”, Muneeb continues, “but even before I was assigned to a client, I was already working on a project together with the internal embedded software team.”

Muneeb and other colleagues at hercules trophy.
Muneeb and other colleagues at hercules trophy.

research mindset.

“I think one of the key characteristics of any embedded software engineer is a research mindset”, Muneeb tells us. “You have to figure out how to solve problems on your own, which often means doing relevant research and then using that research to work on your software…”

Muneeb: “Even now, I do a lot of R&D into the embedded software technologies I work on at the client. I explore every option and then try to apply the most suitable one. Science improves every day, and you have to keep an overview of the most efficient solutions!”

entrepreneurship, trust, and team spirit.

“I think all 3 of Ausy’s core values are equally important to me”, Muneeb tells us. “They complement each other”

“Entrepreneurship, for me, is by definition synonymous with engineering. But team spirit and trust are also of vital importance in a working environment. I love working in a team and collaborating with people all over the world. You can learn so much from working with others, and in engineering you should never stop learning… ;-)”