If there is one job that brings a lot of variety to your day, it is the role of customer proxy. Customer proxies have to be real jacks-of-all-trades, because every day brings a new challenge. You can start off your Monday by making a planning, but don't expect to be able to stick to it on Tuesday.

Annoying? Not at all, Evert loves it. He strives to be a specialist in all fields. For him, no project is too big (or too small), he tackles every challenge that comes his way. And with the help of our Learning & Development team, he always has the knowledge he requires.

a customer what now?

Evert: “The title says it all: I stay close to the customer. I stay in touch with the client and I am their contact person for everything they need. My role covers a wide range of tasks, for example:

  • testing
  • designs
  • copywriting
  • support for developers
  • translations

I actually support multiple customers at once. There is absolutely no lack of variety!”

“Before I started my job at Ausy, I also didn’t know what a customer proxy was exactly”, Evert laughs. “One of Ausy’s recruiters contacted me on LinkedIn. I decided to reply, simply because that person had addressed me in such a nice and familiar way - I had never been addressed like that on LinkedIn before. During my interview, I had to ask what a customer proxy actually does… But afterwards I was completely convinced!”

technical growth.

“I have a degree in communications management”, Evert tells us. “Those studies are quite extensive, and I wanted to keep that trend going at my job. I don’t want to focus on 1 area in particular, I want to be a specialist in all fields.”

“For example: I’m not a programmer, but I do have a strong interest in Drupal, HTML, CSS, JavaScript … I also have quite some experience with UX/UI, setting up mailing campaigns, designing newsletters … That’s why customer proxy is the perfect job for me: I’m always working on multiple projects at once, and they’re all very different from each other.”

“Luckily, I have my contacts within Ausy’s Learning & Development team”, Evert winks. “In most companies, you are expected to define 1 goal, and to reach that goal in a certain amount of time. That would be difficult for me. But the L&D team understands my wishes, and facilitates my learning process. If I don’t have sufficient technical knowledge to start a project at a certain client, they will always find a suitable training for me!”

Evert Dhoest
Evert Dhoest

team spirit.

Evert: “When working at Ausy, you’re not just a number. Everyone truly wishes you the best. And you always have someone to talk to when you need it.”

“That’s exactly why I encouraged my best friend to come work here. He wasn’t feeling well at his last job. I noticed this, and I was sure Ausy would be a better fit for him. Because at Ausy, it’s always people first.”

“Luckily, I was right”, Evert continues. “I regularly ask him if he still likes working here, and his answer is always: yes! It’s so important to love what you do.”

Evert: “But I’m also glad I can always count on my team. For a few projects, I function as a self running team, but I’m also connected with 2 development teams. This is necessary, because I often can’t develop everything the client wants myself. At that point, I’m more of an intermediary.”

“There’s also another customer proxy in my team. That’s great, because we can divide our tasks.”

Gerbrand Van Zeebroeck, Mathias Henderick and Evert Dhoest.
Gerbrand Van Zeebroeck, Mathias Henderick and Evert Dhoest.

his own non-profit organization.

“Entrepreneurship is also one of Ausy’s core values”, says Evert. “And I can see this reflected in my colleagues every day.”

“To give you an example that’s important to me: I started a non-profit organization together with 2 of my colleagues: Business Peloton. The goal of this non-profit is to get people to be more active and network at the same time. We organize networking events on bikes! ;-)”

“The fact that Ausy sponsors our non-profit, proves once more why entrepreneurship is one of our core values!”