On January 22nd, AUSY client Gymna won the Henry van de Velde Award, in the category Business Innovation. They won this award for their series of innovative, customizable treatment tables: the gymna.PRO. We are very proud to have been a part of this project!

What is the henry van de velde award?

The Henry van de Velde Award, what is that?! It is the most esteemed Belgian design award, issued by Flanders DC. This year, the nominees could win prizes in the following 7 categories: Business Innovation (the category in which Gymna was awarded), Collaborative, Consumer, Crafts by Bokrijk, Digital Product, Graphic Design & Communication and Habitat.

We are extremely proud to have contributed to this project. The Business Innovation award is a great public acknowledgment of a product to which we attributed our knowledge, and will without a doubt give the treatment table a defined place in the market.

The gymna.PRO wasn’t the only product to win the Business Innovation award: the digital measuring device Demetra, produced by Barco and Timbtracks’ EMC, an electronic measuring device for trees also received this award.

Who is gymna?

Gymna is a company active in physiotherapy. Their goal is to find solutions for the most common problems in patient care. While developing the gymna.PRO, they took into account the needs of the patient as well as those of the physical therapist. 

The result? An innovative series of customizable treatment tables, which are equipped with adjustable pillows, arm rests, smart control and movement detection.

What is so special about the gymna.pro?

The gymna.PRO guarantees the comfort of patients as well as physical therapists. The tables can be entirely adapted to everyone’s individual needs.

It uses the Constant Patient Position concept. This enables the patient to take on any position on the table, without having to turn. Furthermore, the energy loss of the physical therapist is minimized, because the stable construction restricts the movements of the treatment table. Thus, the correct posture is guaranteed.

The table's height can be adjusted by foot. The pillows can be moved with just the push of a button. Led lights that light up in different colors to indicate an upward or downward movement, make it easy to estimate the position of the pillows.

A woman and a man carrying a Gymna.PRO table.

How were we involved in the project?

We have been working for Gymna since 2005. With the design team Yellow Window, the colleagues from our own Technical Design Center at Hasselt designed an entirely new series of Gymna treatment tables. Stefan, Mechanical Designer in Hasselt: “Yellow Window provided us with the concept, and we delivered the finished product. We were also responsible for the FEA testing of the treatment table. This means that we tested, amongst other things, the product’s stability, and we made the strength calculations.”

Gymna presented its treatment table for the first time on the Medica Trade Fair of 2018 in Germany. After this grand introduction, the table was put on the market. We can conclude that it is quite an honor for the gymna.PRO to receive such a big award merely 2 years after its introduction.