For over 20 years, the Ausy Group has been a strategic engineering supplier to Airbus. Following an extensive assessment process, the Expleo-Ausy consortium has received a multiyear master supply agreement (MSA) under its EMES3 programme to deliver engineering, manufacturing engineering and customer service engineering services across all Airbus divisions around the world.

The creation of this consortium allows Expleo and Ausy to jointly leverage their services at the forefront of aerospace engineering and industrial services. The partnership will combine Expleo and Ausy’s shared expertise across both engineering and technology to support Airbus with its digitalisation, sustainability and innovation programmes, and to increase operational efficiencies and accelerate production rates.

On this occasion, Ausy and Expleo have decided to join forces to better respond to Airbus' major challenges. 

Nick Goldie, COO Ausy Group, explains the rationale behind this consortium:

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As a privileged partner of Airbus for many years, we are very proud and happy to be able to continue to support them over the next 5 years. The complementarity between our know-how and that of Expleo will enable us to respond more fully to the needs expressed by Airbus, and thus to claim a strong development of our commercial activities over the next 5 years.

With our skills and knowledge of the industrial world, we also aim to support them with  all of their innovation, ecological transition (hydrogen, sustainable fuels, electrification, etc.) and digital transformation (production optimisation, predictive maintenance - skywise) projects. All these subjects represent major strategic challenges that Airbus will have to address in the coming years. 

This award is a fine mark of confidence on the part of Airbus, which we must now honor, and a reflection of the involvement and professionalism of the teams who work on it every day. A big thank you to Ausy's staff, who have done such a good job, and to all the people who have worked for over six months on this reference. We must also highlight the work done by the Global Delivery Platform (GDP) teams, which enabled us to differentiate ourselves during the response to the call for tenders with a front/back office approach in a global approach. 

In order to meet the challenges expressed by Airbus, more than 300 opportunities will be offered to Ausy employees and to all the new talent who wants to join us in this great adventure.