As a marketeer or website administrator, we all want to convey our message to our target audience as quickly, cheaply and efficiently as possible.

Crucial in this is the choice of CMS and the way in which the CMS is deployed. How quickly can new colleagues be trained in its use? Is the system flexible enough to implement changes without the assistance of the development team? How difficult is it to add new features? 

We are happy to explain why Drupal is the right choice, and to show you how we keep the time-to-market as short as possible for marketeers and webmasters through intelligent use of tools developed in house, such as Ausy Builder and Ausy Subsites.

effect on costs for the publishing of online content.

To know what the costs of online content will be, it is important to determine what affects time-to-market for the online content. You should take the following factors into account:

  1. How many pages does the campaign have and do they fit in with the existing website? This can range from one or more static pages and media files to dynamic user-generated content. Naturally, all these features affect costs and in some cases a separate website with its own browsing structure is even required.
  2. Do new functionalities need to be developed? That is mostly not necessary if the CMS is flexible enough. Sometimes, additional aspects need to be provided for however, such as integrations with an external system or new components. This can have a large impact on the budget.
  3. How complex is the individual page structure? A simple page with a title, body and image can be added a lot quicker than a “long read” with many different types of media, a web form and a complex content layout. It is therefore important that the CMS provides the right tools.
  4. How difficult is it to train colleagues in how to use the CMS? A tool that is self-explanatory and has a user-friendly UI can save you a lot of time and money.

why drupal?

Drupal has a lot of functions that make the lives of webmasters and marketeers significantly easier. Below we present a few of the most important features for you:

claro and gin admin UI.

Since Drupal 8.8, the Claro admin theme has been supplied as standard. This theme makes the Drupal admin UI very user-friendly and accessible. In addition, Claro can be expanded with the Gin theme, which makes everything more visually attractive and provides additional functions such as dark mode.

ckeditor: WYSIWYG.

Drupal provides an in-depth integration with CKEditor. In this way, this WYSIWYG editor can be used to provide body text with layout, use Drupal media in a body and link it dynamically to other content on the website using autocomplete.

media module.

Using the media module, images, documents, video and audio can be easily added and managed in a library. In addition, all media can also be provided with metadata. Images are automatically scaled and cropped without requiring the use of an image editor.

powerful and flexible content model.

Drupal offers the most powerful content model that can be found in the CMS world today. This allows web developers to quickly bring together different types of content with all kinds of field types. In addition, these customised content types use all existing Drupal functionalities such as revisions, moderation, search indexing, multilingualism, access rules etc.

webform module.

With the Drupal webform module, webmasters are able to build both simple and highly complex forms in no time to collect visitor data, without needing the development team.

A man sitting on the couch with a laptop on his lap.
A man sitting on the couch with a laptop on his lap.

build simple and flexible pages with ausy builder.

Although Drupal is without a doubt the ideal CMS in terms of keeping the time-to-market for content or a campaign as short as possible, there is always room for improvement. 

Drupal does not offer a standard solution for the composition of pages with a range of complex layouts, reusable components and styles. 

For that reason, we developed Ausy Builder. This expansion builds further on the functionalities provided by Drupal and the popular paragraphs module.

This module allows you to put together a page such as an article or homepage using a range of different reusable components. These reusable blocks - also known as content widgets - can vary from simple widgets such as text to advanced widgets such as carousels of images, videos, document lists and banners.

By using a predefined list of layouts (templates) and a drag & drop module, webmasters can move, replace or change the order of items in a user-friendly way. 

This method therefore allows webmasters to build and manage visually attractive pages in a user-friendly way.

You can download a more detailed description of Ausy Builder here. 

set up a campaign site in no time with ausy subsites.

Campaign sites need to be produced quickly and cheaply. That is a challenge for every marketing team in terms of budget and planning. It is hard to fit the development of a new website into this framework, which means that companies often still settle for lower quality solutions.

The Ausy Subsites module allows you to quickly and cheaply launch new mini-sites or campaign sites using an existing Drupal 8 or 9 installation. All CMS functionalities (including Ausy Builder) can be used for this. In addition, the webmaster can select the same look & feel of the existing website, or they can use another custom-built theme.

Every site has its own logo and navigation, and can if necessary be expanded with its own theme, header or footer. In this way, a new site can be launched without any action required from a developer. 

Do you only need a new front end? In that case you only need to develop a new Drupal theme.

what do our customers think?

#foodheroes fevia campaign.

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Fevia launched a campaign to offer support to people in the food sector. 

With the help of Ausy Builder, we developed a new multilingual Drupal 8 website. We went from concept to go-live in less than 10 days.

kom op tegen kanker campaign sites.

Since the launch of its Drupal 8 website, “Kom op tegen Kanker” has been using the subsite module to launch actions and campaigns with as few interventions as possible.

A few examples:

●    dag tegen kanker ●    de pet op tegen kanker ●    gelijk nen echte ●    het plantjesweekend

stad hasselt.

The city of Hasselt uses the subsites module for a number of different sites. Take for example the museums, UiT in Hasselt and even municipal schools (SBS Kermt, SBS Kuringen, SBS Rapertingen). The pages for all these websites have been developed using Ausy Builder.

Are you also curious how we could support you in your web development, or would you like to use Ausy Builder and Ausy Subsites? Contact and together we will see how we can help you!

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