Abdel works as a senior database development engineer at Ausy. What attracted him to our company was a colleague who could not stop talking about how fan-tas-tic Ausy was (100% correct, of course ;-) ) on the one hand, and our open atmosphere on the other. Let’s take a look at how life as a consultant is treating him!

How did you hear about ausy?

“At my previous employer, I had a colleague who worked for Ausy as a consultant. She was brimming with enthusiasm about her job and full of praise for her account manager, who always had time for her. That’s what piqued my interest…”

“When I was looking for a new challenge, I soon remembered the stories my colleague used to tell and I decided to contact Ausy. The rest is history: I’ve been working here as a senior database development engineer for a while now!”

How is life as an IT consultant treating you?

“It’s great! Working as a consultant gives me the opportunity to perform a range of tasks, which means there’s always a new challenge in my job. On top of that, I get the chance to take training courses and obtain new certifications. There’s always something new to learn in this sector…”

“I’ve always been interested in the world of electronics and IT. Through my work as a consultant, I get to learn something new about my field of expertise from every client. I mainly specialise in Peoplesoft and SQL, but as part of one of my previous projects, I also had an opportunity to explore XML and HTML, for example. On top of that, Ausy University enables me to choose from a range of training courses to improve my skills and obtain certifications.”

“It also gives me great satisfaction when I can round up another project for a client, or when I can propose a technical solution to that client for their problems. That’s what gives me the energy and motivation to start the next assignment!”

photo with computers and two pair of hands, one writing on a piece of paper
photo with computers and two pair of hands, one writing on a piece of paper

What tip would you give to someone taking their first steps in the world of IT?

“An eagerness to learn and improve yourself is the greatest asset an IT consultant can have. Don’t simply stand still once you’ve got your diploma: that’s not the end of your studying life; it’s just the start. If your employer gives you the opportunity to take a training course, seize it with both hands! There is always something new to learn.”

“Another tip I’d like to share is to always communicate properly with your client. Doing so will help you get to the right solution quicker and will prevent a whole load of frustration. On top of that, the experience your client possesses can also help you solve the problem as effectively as possible.”

What does the future have in store for you?

“As has been the case over the past few years, I hope I can continue to my work in the future. In the near term, I’d like to deepen my knowledge of Oracle Cloud. Looks like I’ll be embarking on yet another training course!”