It’s easy for us to tell you that Ausy is a fun company, with great colleagues and good coffee, but why would you believe us? You want to see some hard evidence, and we get that. So we decided to ask our colleagues why they love to come to work, even on Mondays.

Evelien: out of the box thinking in an out of the box environment.

Evelien works as an account manager in our Ghent office. According to her, the fancy work environment inspires people to work hard.

“At the office, we’ve got something for everyone,” she says. “You need a quiet place to make a phone call? Take a seat in one of our soundproof rooms! Desperately looking for inspiration? Trade your boring desk for one of our brainstorm spaces. After lunch dip? Foodbaby? Do some yoga together or take a sport break. Work life, boring? Not at all!”

Jonas: the multiple offices in belgium are a real advantage.

The cool environment and multiple offices in Belgium are also a plus for Jonas.

“Working as an HR consultant, I meet many candidates. Ausy has 9 offices throughout the country. This helps me to plan my interviews in an office that best suits the candidate. It also means that I’m on the road a lot, but that’s where Ausy’s flexibility shows: if I have to drive from Ghent to Leuven and back again, no one expects me to do this during rush hour. I can make my own hours.”

“Furthermore, working in different offices also has its perks: I can easily keep in touch with all my favourite colleagues… ;-)”

Steff: rapidly switching between projects.

Steff has been an IT consultant for the past 2 years. He has worked on a project for Telenet, and 2 projects for Proximus. “I just started with a new project at Proximus. It’s never a problem if I want to switch projects. This way you keep learning and you are always challenged.”

“The trainings Ausy offers are also a plus. It’s the people at Ausy that inspired me to get into IT in the first place. I didn’t have any experience in this sector, but the recruiters suggested a training at VDAB. Afterwards, I got started here!”

Gaëtan: following trainings at my own pace.

Gaëtan also made a true career switch when he started at Ausy. “Right now I work as a financial consultant, but before I started here, I worked in catering. When I stopped working in that sector, I gathered all my courage and started studying accountancy.”

“At Ausy I can also follow some extra trainings, at my own pace. That’s what attracted me most in this company, and it’s one of the reasons why I always go to work with a smile on my face.”

Mara: fun, fun, fun!

Mara, our recruiter in team Banking, would even love to come to work if our offices weren’t all that fancy. “My colleagues are great. We all work very hard, but we also take the time to relax. I think this is important, because no one can stay focused for 8 hours at a time.” Mara’s favorite day in the week is Tuesday: “On Tuesday mornings, we have a meeting with the entire team. We discuss what we have to do during the rest of the week, but we also check if someone needs some extra help. We support each other. I don’t like the summers as much: too many people are on vacation during that period…”

“My manager, Christophe, gives me the freedom to do my job and he shows a lot of appreciation. That’s what I missed in my previous job: a manager that doesn’t just show his face when you do something wrong, but also when you do something right!”

Sophie & barbara: a company with humanity at its center.

What I like most about Ausy is the open communication,” says Sophie. If I have a question or a problem, there’s always someone who can help me.”

“At the same time, I get a lot of trust,” she continues. “I have a safety net to fall back on, but I get the freedom to try everything myself. And if I want to learn more about something, I get to choose from many different trainings. Ausy even started to organize lectures for the Life Sciences consultants. Very cool, because you can get to know colleagues that work on different projects and you can exchange experiences. Ausy invests in its personnel!” 

Ausy’s human aspect is also what makes Barbara’s job the perfect job for her. “I think team spirit is the most important part of my job. You can’t achieve the results you want if you can’t work together as a team.”

“Still there’s room for personal ambition. You get to think out of the box and focus on personal growth. Ausy is a company with humanity at its center and this shows in our achievements!”

Tania: motivation, drive and enthusiasm.

Tania has just started her job as an engineering consultant. At first, she didn’t like the idea of consultancy. How did our recruiters convince her after all? With their motivation, drive and enthusiasm!

“My first interview took a long time, because Evelyn kept talking so enthusiastically about Ausy. she took the time to listen to me and to answer all my questions honestly. I immediately felt I could trust her. Everyone at Ausy has one thing in common: they’re all incredibly motivated. It’s infectious!"