Now that my internship is almost over, it’s time to look back on the last 3 months. In my previous blog you could read all about our team building in Ikea. Which adventures do I have to tell you in this very last (snif, snif) blog?

My internship has flown by. I end it with mixed feelings: I’m glad that I can go back to sleeping in, but sad that I won’t see the team every day anymore. These past 3 months have definitely been eventful. I have learned a lot, made new friends and evolved as a person.

Feeling the christmas vibe thanks to my to do list.

My most important to do? Planning the company Christmas party, and buying the necessary props for it. Buying Christmas trees, socks and decorations for my internship, I have no complaints. It turns out that I really do like the event planning part of marketing. 

Furthermore, I have discovered that I still have a lot to learn when it comes to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. I’m happy that Ausy wanted to support me in this. During my first month, Valérie asked someone to teach me all about these subjects, in theory as well as in practice. During the last few weeks, I have dedicated myself to Google Tag Manager. This program has many similarities with Google Analytics, yet I had never worked with it before.

The rest of my time I worked on some smaller tasks. I liked these as well, because they gave variation to my day. In this way, I got to know every little aspect of marketing.

What did i achieve during my internship?

I have definitely learned a lot, more than I could ever have learned in the classroom. I have learned things about myself, the working life and applying different theories in practice.

Ausy gave me the opportunity to test everything I had learned so far in practice. Whenever I got stuck, I had an entire team to fall back on. They supported me, yet let me try everything on my own. This has helped me to grow. 

I’ve also learned what I still need to work on. Now I can follow specific trainings, to learn more about the subjects that will actually help me advance my career.

What will the future bring?

My plans for the future have completely changed after this internship. 3 months ago I planned on doing a post-graduate degree or a banaba. I wanted to gain as much knowledge as possible.

My internship at Ausy made me change my mind. I want to focus on 1 specific domain, while once in a while putting in a little effort to keep my general knowledge up to date. My time here has shown me in what areas I want to grow. I don’t want to study anything that might not be useful to me in the future. Ausy has saved me a lot of potentially wasted time!

Why you should also choose an internship at ausy.

Because in this company, you’re not just ‘the intern’, you’re part of the team. If you have questions or if you’re stuck on a certain task, the team immediately helps you out. Talk about that famous Ausy culture…

You’re not just an employee either, you’re an actual person to your manager. I really lucked out in that area. You will never find a better manager than Gert!

I am not a morning person at all, yet I had no trouble getting out of bed every morning. I didn’t even think of my internship as a job. This is extremely important to me. If you want to do something for a long period of time, it’s important that you like doing it. This is one of Ausy’s many talents as a company. Every day is different, and the people are great. And I don’t mean ‘great colleagues’, no, they’re actually great people!

If you’re doing an internship at Ausy, you’re doing an internship in a small company that’s active in multiple countries, and has a number of different offices. No problem choosing between a cool, small company or a giant multinational that would look better on your cv!

In conclusion, this is a period in my life that I will never forget. I will miss my colleagues, the atmosphere at the office and even getting up early.