Hi, it’s me again! Do you remember me? I’m Lars, marketing intern at Ausy. Last month, you got to read all about my first weeks in the most amazing team ever. Are you excited for part 2?

Everything there is to know about social media.

I’m practically a social media guru these days! Coming up with posts, analysing data and using this to suggest improvements are just a few of my daily tasks. And I love it!

Last month, I told you that I’m helping with the organization of the christmas party for the internal colleagues. This is coming along nicely! I sought out some locations and visited them with Cedric, our event coordinator. It’s cool to be on the other side of things, since I’m normally the one enjoying the party, not organizing it. During the visit, I got a true look behind the scenes. I never knew so much time went into organizing an event. Learned a lot? Check!

Ghent and swedish meatballs.

Today is a special day! I’m working at our office in Ghent. I want to leave before traffic gets bad, so I get up at 6. This is quite difficult for me, but hey, it’s for a good cause. I pick up Cedric at Leuven’s railway station. I’m glad he’s coming with me. Without him, I would probably get lost, since I don’t know the city too well.

It takes us an hour and a half, but we finally arrive. I can tell that the office is brand new. Artificial grass in the break rooms, beanbags and tiny houses to sit in. In short: it’s not your every day office.

When Cedric and I arrive, I see that Silke and Lieven are there as well. Almost the entire marketing team is in Ghent! Our task today? Helping Cedric with the final preparations for Change your Mind, a C-level knowledge sharing event. It’s something else! Transforming the break rooms into a room where 30 people can sit and listen comfortably? A real challenge!

We notice that we don’t have enough pillows in the break rooms to seat so many people comfortably. A trip to IKEA (which is close, luckily) is necessary. I’ve heard that they sell really good Swedish meatballs, so… A quick marketing lunch it is!

Pizza, numbers and teambuilding.

Once a year, the marketing team organizes a marketing day. I am happy that this happens during my internship! As an intern, it is great to experience this day, because you learn a lot about every aspect of marketing. The team discusses their plans for the coming year. Strategically, this day is very interesting! It’s definitely motivational to see the results of everyone’s hard work.

But you can’t discuss business on an empty stomach. So we order pizza for lunch. This day has every element to go into history as the best.day.ever. Pizza, great atmosphere and informative! After a long, but fun day full of strategies and plans, we have definitely earned some relaxation! A cosy dinner with the entire team for example. And that’s exactly what we did. It was a great night!

A man kneeling beside a cartboard box, looking at a water bottle.
A man kneeling beside a cartboard box, looking at a water bottle.

My internship is almost over.

I’m still learning something new every day, even after almost 2 months of being an intern here! You can’t compare studying to working life. Once you have a job, you learn so much more. I learned to work more efficiently, and I now know that the theory can say one thing, but practice can show you something entirely different. And the numbers? They’re even more important than I initially thought.

Sadly, I’m near the end of my internship. It’s my last month already. Will this month be just as great as the past few weeks have been? I’ll let you know. ;-)