Christophe and Jentl work as account managers for our client Proximus. What does their job entail? How do they divide their tasks? And how do they make sure all of the 150 Ausy consultants working for Proximus have a great career?

We want to help our consultants wherever necessary

Christophe: “Your responsibility as an account manager is to make sure the consultants can do their job without any problems. You match them with the right client, organize follow-ups with them and strive to make everyone feel good at what they do.”

Jentl goes on: “And to feel good in your job, you need more than just an exciting to-do list. That’s why we also organize mini-events. We often go out to dinner, VR-gaming, karting … Sometimes, we let the consultants organize their own event. The result? All of a sudden we were throwing axes at wooden blocks, awesome!”

our proximus consultants having dinner toghether
our proximus consultants having dinner toghether

Christophe and Jentl also look for new opportunities for their consultants. Christophe: “You work together closely with your consultants. You get to know them very well. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, I can immediately tell who would be best suited for it.”

“In fact, we are responsible for the PR of our consultant,” says Jentl. “We help them to develop the right competences, and present them to our clients.”

From network & service help desk to project managers and developers

Proximus is Ausy’s second biggest client. Jentl and Christophe make sure every vacancy is filled in.

“We offer different roles within IT,” Jentl informs us. “We man the network as well as the security helpdesk, and match developers and project managers with their dream job.”

“In fact, we know absolutely nothing about IT ourselves,” Christophe laughs. “We are simply good at sensing who would be right for which role.” Jentl: “Ehh, speak for yourself… But it is true that we have a neck for those things. I only have to talk with someone to know whether he is a ‘Proximus person’ or not. I often compare it to the movie The Sixth Sense: I see Proximus people.”

jentl and christophe in front of proximus building
jentl and christophe in front of proximus building

Our biggest challenge? Making sure our consultants have a great job!

Jentl: “A name like Proximus also implies a lot of responsibility. That’s what makes our job so challenging. Every day, I try to find the right person for a certain role, and I always feel amazing when I do!”

“When a consultant starts at your project, you want to make sure they are happy in that role for as long as possible,” says Christophe. “That’s why we make sure to do a follow-up with everyone. We listen to what the consultant wants to achieve in their career, and we guide them in the best way possible. Ausy offers many trainings, and the chance to get certificates as well.”

“When a consultant eventually wants to take on a new, more challenging role, we’ll first check and see if we can offer them another position at Proximus. We obviously want our consultants to be happy at Proximus for as long as possible,” says Jentl.

Another challenge for our account managers: making sure our contacts with the managers at Proximus run smoothly. “The managers can definitely appreciate our transparent and honest way of communicating,” Christophe tells us. “Our contact with Proximus is always easy and agreeable. We want to make sure the client knows Ausy’s core values. It’s important that Proximus knows what our goals are and where our focus lies.”

“In the end, we have a common goal: to find the right person for the job,” Jentl concludes.