In September, we sent out a survey. Our purpose? To find out how the corona crisis has impacted the career perspectives of employees as well as freelancers.

Half of the employees that participated in our questionnaire indicated that they attach more importance to a good work-life balance since the corona crisis. They obviously think working from home is important: more than 2 out of 5 employees would get another job to be able to work from home more, and almost 1 in 4 would be willing to re-evaluate their salary. 

Since March, we’ve all been working from home more - provided that our job allows for this. A bit more than half (53%) of our interviewees indicate that they can do their job from home. Only 16% of the employees that are able to work from home, never do so. Of the employees that can work from home, 4 in 5 spend at least 1 day a week in their home office.

Working from home has become the new normal, not only for many employees but also for a lot of freelancers. 93% of the interviewed freelancers indicate that they work from home at least once a week. Moreover, half of them work from home permanently. And just like the employees, more than half of the freelancers attach a greater importance to a good work-life balance since the corona crisis.

Fear of losing job? Employees are willing to make concessions.

1 in 5 employees indicates that they are scared to lose their job. This group is more willing to make concessions, in order to help the company that they work for overcome this crisis. Think of temporary unemployment (44%), taking up vacation days when the employer wants them to be taken (30%), and sometimes even letting go of their fringe benefits (11%).

What’s more: of the respondents that are not scared of losing their job, 25% still indicates that they wouldn’t mind being put on temporary unemployment. 19% of this group would be willing to take up their vacation days when their employer wants them to. Only 5% of this group would want to let go of their fringe benefits.

A black woman writing in a notebook.
A black woman writing in a notebook.

Most employees don’t change their future plans because of corona.

A little over 1 in 10 employees indicate that their future plans have changed because of corona. Most of them want to find a different type of employment. The most important reason to look for a new job after corona, is a lack of satisfaction in the current job. The search for a better work-life balance is also an often-named reason. Only 3% of the interviewees say that they want to go back to school.

The corona crisis has obviously made the interviewees re-evaluate their careers, but for most of them, their future plans remain unchanged. However, we still have to wait out the second wave of this crisis to get more accurate results.