How do we help nazareth?

After 9 years, Nazareth was eager for a new website. The started looking for a partner to build that new website, and they ended up with... AUSY Belgium! We proposed Paddle, the platform for governmental websites that was developed by AUSY Belgium on behalf of the Flemish government.

During the demo, future editors were immediately enthusiastic about the usability of the CMS. The CMS has a bunch of pre-built functionalities - Paddlets - that are ready to use. Think about a Paddlet for opening hours, contact forms or news reports.

Extended user analysis and determine most frequent searches.

Thanks to a user analysis and a survey carried out with the residents, we discovered the most common searches. We used the study to organize workshops to name and structure the correct most frequent searches. The team strived for adopting the language of the user as much as they can.

Training content creation.

The editors didn't just transfer the content from the old website to the new one. They rewrote every page in a clear and open way. To get the editors started, we organized a course "Writing for the web".

But such a course isn't useful if you don't know how to work with the CMS. That's why the editors also learned to use the content management system.

Integration with "uit database".

The activity calendar was very popular. That's why we set up an integration with the "UiT database" of Cultuurnet. It allows organizers to add an event to the database. The activities of the city are automatically displayed in the "UiT calendar" (in Dutch) on The editors can decide which information they put in the spotlight.

Product paddlet to request identity card.

Paddle looked for the right solution to show information about products and services: the team developed a Product Paddlet.

It's easy for editors to create a product. They can also add a button that allows the visitors to immediately request the product, like an identity card or a license. The button can also send visitors to a form that lets them make an appointment with the right department.

Are you curious to see the result? Check the website (in Dutch)!

Do you want to make use of paddle?

Local authorities don't have to start a procedure for public contracts thanks to the kañooh framework contract. The immediately can place an order. Get in touch if you want more information.