At the moment, Surendra is studying applied informatics. He's in his senior year. Since March, he joined the Drupal team. By now, he's settling in: "The school focused on Java. But I've always been very curious, and I always wanted to find out more about other programming languages. So I applied for a PHP internship at Ausy. It turned out to be a great decision!"

Support tickets for bugs or changes.

"I'm interested in programming since I was in secondary school. Programming is challenging, and that's what I like most about it. Now, I'm mostly handling support tickets, and I'm solving different problems. When something is not working, I go all in. I love to find out what's wrong."

By now, you probably really want to know if Surendra is eating properly!

You don't have to worry: we don't starve our interns. When Surendra is in the zone, he loses track of time: "I'm often very focused on finding a solution to the problem. Next thing I know, it's already 2 pm!"

Our senior developers are happy to help.

"The Drupal team is very welcoming, so it's not hard to be this focused and motivated. Everyone is really friendly, and they help me if necessary."

"I'm sitting next to Michiel, one of the senior developers. When I don't know how to solve a problem, he takes the time to explain it to me. Just like the other colleagues, he makes me feel like I can ask anything. I don't feel like a typical intern, sitting in a dark office corner."

"Their approach is working. Thanks to all the support, I already learned a lot, even more than at school. During the first week of my internship, I mostly discovered how the Drupal CMS is working. It helps to become a better programmer."

"I don't have to work on fictional assignments. The clients are using my work, which feels great. My team truly trust me!"

Permanent position at ausy?

What will Surendra be up to when he graduates? That seems a difficult question: "I'm thinking about getting a masters' degree, but I'm not sure yet. If I decide to start working, I hope I can get a job at Ausy. The atmosphere here is great!"

"But there's still time to decide. When my internship finishes, I will first enjoy the summer holidays!"