They love clean code. Bugs give them nightmares. And they all do a secret happy dance when they meet yet another deadline. 

Who are we talking about? Maarten, Sofie, Mike and Klaas: 4 members of our amazing and motivated Drupal team. They would love to share their enthusiasm with you.

From technical analyses to client contacts.

What does your role as team lead entail?

Klaas: “It’s different for every project. For big projects, I make the technical analyses. I divide them into tickets and distribute these among the developers. I support and coach the team and help developers when they have questions. I’m also regularly in touch with the clients.”

“I think the contact with other people would be the part I love most about my job”, Maarten adds. “Whether it’s with the client or with our sales team. But I also love programming: my strengths are logical thinking and mathematics.”

business card of klaas

Sofie: you’re a Project Manager. What does your day look like?

Sofie: “None of my days are the same: each day I meet new clients and work on different projects.”

“There’s also a lot of variation in my job. First and foremost, I make sure the team can work as efficiently as possible. I make the planning and give them the information they need. I inform the clients about our progress, organize demo meetings and manage the budget.”

Fun after work: cocktail workshop, game night or pool.

Why do you like working at AUSY, aside from the big projects and the variation?

Mike: “The great colleagues are a true asset. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun, and I appreciate that. The team buildings that I’ve participated in were all great fun.”

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“These activities really add to the team spirit”, Maarten tells us. “You get to see your colleagues in a different light, since you’re not constantly talking about work. The events are also a great way to introduce new colleagues.”

What types of teambuildings have you already done?

“We’ve already been bowling, and sometimes we go out to lunch together”, says Klaas.

Mike: “I really liked the Christmas party. We had dinner together and then we went to the Christmas market! The game night was also a lot of fun.”

“Aside from these cultural events, AUSY also organizes other activities for its employees”, Sofie responds. “I’ve participated in the Hercules Trophy a few times now. I’m a big fan of the concept. This year my team and I even finished in first place! Initiatives like these reinforce the team spirit.”

Klaas: “What also makes us a good team, is that we strive to achieve the best results together. For example: a few months ago, there was a security leak in Drupal. Together, we worked all night to fix it.”

“My first DrupalCamp was in 2018”, Mike tells us. “Aside from the great atmosphere, I learned about what Drupal has to offer. I learned to think ahead. It’s great that we could participate with AUSY!”

“I think events such as DrupalCon or DrupalCamp are also a kind of teambuilding”, says Maarten. “The seminars are very interesting, but you learn just as much outside of the classroom.”

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Klaas agrees: “You come to solutions that you wouldn’t think of yourself and you learn to work with new developments. You also learn a lot from speaking with developers from the US for example."

More than just fun colleagues and big projects.

Why would you recommend this job to others?
Maarten: “Thanks to the big projects, you keep on learning. I myself really love the ‘Eureka feeling’. Some days, you’re looking for the best solution for a problem for hours at a time without finding the answer. You feel like you haven’t accomplished anything all day. Until you get up the next morning and think: Of course, that’s how I should do it!”

“What’s more, everyone is always ready to help. If I’m drowning in work, there will always be someone that wants to help me.”

“The collegiality is definitely a plus. Everybody is friendly. I haven’t worked here long, but I got quite a warm welcome”, says Mike. “Recruiter Laure was always there for me. There’s a lot of opportunities, and it’s greatly appreciated when you take them.”

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Sofie adds: “Our projects aren’t just big, they are also varied and you come across multiple sectors.” According to Klaas, the visibility of the projects is an advantage: “It’s great to work on the website of Kom Op Tegen Kanker and then see it in the media later on.”

“What’s more, we have a very strong technical team”, Sofie tells us. “And the senior developers invest a lot of time in welcoming and coaching new colleagues. Provided that the starter treats us to pastries on their first day anyway! ;-)”