The ideal summer job? Job student Hendrik has found it at Ausy: relevant work experience combined with top-notch summer vibes in a pleasant team.

Hendrik works in the Business Support Team in the Leuven Ausy offices. But we got to know Hendrik a long time ago. How did he end up at Ausy and what do his days look like?

Spoiler alert: Hendrik didn’t have to miss us for very long after his summer job… ;-)

Pit-stop before starting a master’s degree in england.

Hendrik: “After my banaba (Dutch abbreviation for Bachelor after Bachelor) International Management, I decided to get my master’s degree at the University of Worcester in England. I was planning to start this adventure abroad only a couple of months later, so I still had some time to gain professional experience and make some money.”

“I bumped into a vacancy for an Office Assistant and I was instantly excited. The description put very much forward the ‘work hard play hard’ spirit, which I share entirely. And when you read in a job offer that your colleagues are almost addicted to croissants, there is no doubt that you will end up in a cool environment!”

After half a year, we said goodbye to Hendrik, but it revealed to be only temporary. Recently, Hendrik finished his master’s degree and returned to Belgium. With the ambition to score a nice student job one last time.

Hendrik: “The fact that I could join Ausy again was a real winner! Once more, I was welcomed with open arms and I immediately felt at home again”.

A man focusing on his work.
A man focusing on his work.

On the planning: contracts, purchase orders and timesheets.

Hendrik: “What I have been doing lately: ensuring that certain contracts get signed. I also create purchase orders, review them and forward them. On top of that, I get to validate the timesheets of our consultants.”’

Is Hendrik slaving away at the office? Not at all! Of course there is time for fun in between work. According to Hendrik, this is one of the reasons why he likes to work here.

Hendrik: “The atmosphere amongst colleagues is very pleasant. If temperatures are rising, there is always somebody who takes the initiative to call an ice cream van to come to the office. And soon, the colleagues who celebrate their birthday during summer will organize a barbecue together. How great is that?”

“I've already met a lot of interesting people from whom I learned a lot. This way, I expand my professional network, which can only benefit a young starter as myself”.

A family trip to france.

The kind of job Hendrik is looking for after this? It remains a difficult question to answer: I like to work with people. I might see myself ending up in HR Business Consulting.”

But Hendrik still has some time to find an answer to this question: “This summer, I am going on a family holiday in France. And for the rest? Work, work, work, but with all my heart! If I can dream out loud, I will make another beautiful trip before I officially dive into professional life.”

Today he’s a valued member of #teamausy.

Good to know: not long after our talk with Hendrik, his summer job ended. But his Ausy chapter has yet to end! He started to work for us full-time and has a position as Senior Business Support Officer. Talk about a happy ending!