Monday, November 9 was the big day: we hosted our very first AUSY Talks! Bart De Smet joined journalist Astrid Roelandt on the sofa to talk about his role as CEO of Ageas, the way he handled the financial crisis of 2009 and the current pandemic. It was definitely a success!

Who is bart de smet?

Bart De Smet took on the role of CEO of Fortis in 2009. Fortis was renamed Ageas in 2010. After the financial crisis, he got some stability back into the group, and he revamped the insurance company.

His approach? Keeping both feet on the ground, open communication, team work and showing interest in many social issues. He would rather make bad decisions than none at all.

Next to his career, Bart is also a father, grandfather, cyclist, reader and a big fan of football club OH Leuven.

Bart De Smet

How did Bart keep a level head during the financial crisis? How did he keep his people on board? And how much sleep did he lose between 2007 and 2009? You’ll hear all the answers in the interview!

Curious for more?

Our next AUSY Talks will take place on December 14. Astrid Roelandt will welcome Jacques van den Broek, CEO of Randstad NV, on our sofa.
Jacques’ motto? It’s better to ask for forgiveness afterwards than to ask for permission beforehand. We are already looking forward to it!