You’re thinking about going for a career in consultancy? That’s a great idea! It’s a known fact that working for a consultancy agency gives your career a real boost. You’ll work for the biggest companies, follow challenging trainings and get career advice from your own learning & development team.

However, if you really want to stand out, you’ll have to distinguish yourself from the other consultants.

company a, b or c?

An important decision to make: what consultancy agency will you pick? You will definitely have to choose: there are many players on the market that would love to add your talent and expertise to their team.

It’s a luxury problem, but that doesn’t make the choice any easier. Why is this choice so important? Look at it like this: there’s 1 lid that fits each pot. So one consultancy agency will suit you better than the other.

  • Do you believe in their values?
  • Do they have sufficient expertise in your domain?
  • Is it a formal or an informal company and are you okay with that?
  • Are you interested in working for their clients?

There are many questions that you can ask yourself. It’s important to pick a company that you fully support. Because only in an environment in which you feel good, will you be able to fully develop. You have to feel that connection and launch your career with enthusiasm.

2 men and 2 women sitting in a row, working together.
2 men and 2 women sitting in a row, working together.

find your specialty.

But how do you start building your career? There aren’t many young starters that know exactly what they want as they enter the job market. And that makes sense: the possibilities are endless. There are many different sectors and industries, different implementations of the same jobs, different environments and locations …

It’s not unusual to start looking in a broad spectrum. When working as a consultant, you’ll eventually find the domain that interests and suits you the most - thanks to the personal guidance and trainings. A combination of those 2 will lead you to your specialty! This can be a function, but also a specific technology.

don’t forget to sell yourself.

There’s more to working than just your knowledge. Your image also has to be just right. At first, you need to sell yourself during your interview at a consultancy agency or at a client - after all, you want to get hired.

But it doesn’t stop there: when starting a project, you also have to make sure you are noticed:

  • You know how to sell your ideas. Depending on the situation, you can adapt your communication style: without bragging, you can make sure you are heard.  
  • Your colleagues will appreciate and remember a helping hand. Is there a lot of work to be done or a difficult problem that no one can solve? Help your team to reach all their deadlines.  
  • Do you keep an eye on the latest trends in your sector and do you follow extra trainings? Then you’ll be able to come forward with interesting insights during meetings. Your colleagues will see you as a real expert - that’s also working on your image.

Are you a starting consultant and curious to get to know your strong and weak points? Our test reveals how someone with your personality can succeed as a consultant, and maps out your possible pitfalls.

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