Liesbeth works as an AUSY consultant at the helpdesk of the FPS IBZ. That’s not the job she expected to get while she was studying. She actually studied to be a pharmacy technician, but her allergies prevented her from pursuing this career. 

Why did she pick the IT-sector and how did she end up at AUSY? Let’s find out!

You wanted to be a pharmacy technician…

“That’s right”, says Liesbeth. “And I successfully finished that degree. But after I had worked in that sector for 6 months, I suddenly became allergic to certain types of medication. Eventually, I had to quit my job for health reasons.”

“So I had to choose a new career”, she continues. “I’ve always been good with computers, so IT seemed to be the right choice. I studied Network Management and got my degree in 2 years.”

And then you heard about ausy?

Liesbeth: “Yes! I’ve only applied for a job at 2 companies, 1 of which was AUSY. You guys won by a long shot because of all the trainings you have to offer. When I started, I immediately followed a bootcamp French.”

“My first assignment didn’t go so well, once again because of my allergies. Luckily, my account manager caught on quickly and placed me at another client.” 

“Right now, I’m working at the helpdesk of the FBS IBZ”, Liesbeth tells us. “It’s a fun, challenging job from which I can still learn a lot! My team is responsible for updating the systems, making back-ups, rolling out new programmes and so much more.”

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Do you have any tips for recently graduated IT’ers?

“Do what you love!”, Liesbeth answers resolutely. “There are millions of possibilities in IT, try them all out and find your passion. And once you’ve found it: go for it, give it 100%.”

“Moreover, I would also advise you to show your motivation and take every chance you get to learn new things. This way, you’ll be able to grow quickly within your company.”

Why do you love going to work every day?

“Thanks to my awesome team!”, says Liesbeth enthusiastically. “For me, this is the most important aspect of any job: having a team that you can count on, that you can ask for help and with which you can create a bond even outside of work. And that’s what I have now, at AUSY as well as at FPS IBZ.”

“The many trainings to pick from also motivate me to do my best every day.”

Liesbeth: “Sometimes, I have a hard time with getting out of my comfort zone. I like to stay in my own safe spot. My account manager knows this, and he always calls me when he finds an interesting training for me. This helps me to come out of my shell!” 

“Eventually, I would love to work in a datacenter. Right now, I don’t have enough knowledge to do so, but AUSY gives me every opportunity I need to grow into this job.”