As a child, he already experimented with the programs and commands available on the very first laptops. When he launched himself into the study of Applied Computer sciences, nobody was surprised. Today, Tom has been working for Ausy for 12 years, and he still loves his job just as much as he did on his first day. How does he do it?

Where did your interest in IT come from?

“When I was a child, my father brought a ‘laptop’ home from work. You know, a big container that weighed 20 kilos, with a 15 cm screen and 2 colors (orange and black). The thing used floppy disks and a detachable keyboard. I loved it. I started experimenting with all the programs and commands that were available at that time.”

“That’s where my love for IT started. When I had to pick a degree, Applied Computer sciences seemed to be the only right choice.”

And after you’d gotten your degree?

“In my first job, I worked as an internal Java developer in another company. I liked that job, but after a while I felt as if I was no longer up-to-date on the latest developments in the sector. I think staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and learning new things are very important qualities in a job, so I started looking for a new adventure.”

“That’s how I found Ausy. I immediately got the opportunity to refresh my knowledge, thanks to different trainings. Today, I still get to pick from a wide range of trainings: I’m always up-to-date!”

“In 12 years time, I’ve finished many projects for Ausy. I like variation that the different projects give me. I started by transferring calculations in an AS 400 system to a Java system. Afterwards, I got to work in Agile environments and Test Driven developments. For another project, I developed and maintained about 30 applications in a dockerized environment.”

“The red thread throughout all these projects was always teamwork,” Tom tells us. “Ausy attaches a lot of importance to the relationships between coworkers. I’ve bonded with every team I’ve ever worked in. There’s always a good atmosphere at work: we may argue, but above all there’s a lot of laughter going on.”

“In all the projects I’ve done, I’ve always felt that Ausy listens to me as a person. I can talk about my wishes and my ambition.”

Do you have any tips for graduating IT’ers?

“The different projects I’ve worked on for Ausy have taught me that it is extremely important to focus on the client. You get to know people, and you learn to read the desires of your customer. I guess that’s my tip for graduating IT’ers: don’t close yourself off from the world, learn to communicate with your colleagues and your clients. It’s not just about showing off your skills, it’s about listening to the goals of those around you.”