On September 24, we organized the very first Ausy Virtual Job Fair. On the platform Brazen, candidates and job seekers got a chance to talk to our recruiters, who were divided into different booths: IT, Engineering, Life Sciences, Finance, HR and Sales & Marketing.

Why did we organize a virtual job fair? Fabio, organizer: “Corona ruined the entire job fair season, which normally takes place in March and April. That wasn’t just a bummer for the job seekers, but for our recruiters as well… Meanwhile, the virus still hasn’t gone away, and we haven’t been able to participate in a single job fair in 2020. Eventually, we got so tired of it that we said: let’s organize a job fair ourselves!”

So that’s what we did: we organized a virtual job fair, completely corona proof! We used the platform Brazen. Our booths got filled with 23 recruiters and 2 CV checkers. Backstage, even more colleagues worked hard to make sure we could stream the entire event. And then, on September 24 at 10 o’clock, we went live! (and yes, we’ll admit it, we were a bit scared).