Why did Kenny absolutely want to work at AUSY?

Kenny was working at Wit-Gele Kruis for over 6 years when he started to feel ready for a new challenge. And he knew what he wanted: to get a job at AUSY.

Kenny: "It may sound weird, but I never planned to end up in IT. During my final year in high school, I did an internship at Wit-Gele Kruis as an administrative assistant. Afterwards, I accepted the permanent position they offered me. But after a few months, IT had become my main job. And I liked it!"

"I performed several tasks. At first, I provided 1st and 2nd line support for hardware and software issues. After a while, I focused on IT in general, and I even was responsible for entire projects as a project lead. I also prepared the annual IT budget and monitored all the expenses."

"The tasks I performed were very diverse, but after over 6 years, Wit-Gele Kruis couldn't offer me new career options. Slowly, I felt that I was ready for something new."


Word of mouth led to AUSY

"I intentionally applied at AUSY. Since I still loved working at Wit-Gele Kruis, I wasn't in a rush to find a new job. I could, therefore, allow myself to look for a new job very carefully."

"Why did I absolutely wanted to work at AUSY? I knew a few people who were already working there. Thanks to their positive stories, I felt like I would feel at home."

"The first job interview, about 2 years ago, only confirmed this feeling: it clicked. Luckily, AUSY felt the same, and a little while later, I became a System Engineer."



Interested in training?

Our Learning & Development Center helps to build your career.


Variety thanks to remote and on-site support

"I'm part of the team that provides support for, on the one hand, the offices of AUSY in Leuven and Ghent, and, on the other hand, several SMEs."

"Helping out these SMEs makes the job extra special. From beginning till end, we're handling every IT-related issue. Whether it's an email migration or a cloud solution, we're responsible for the implementation, management, and optimization. We're providing remote and on-site support, which changes things up a little!"


Steep learning curve thanks to training opportunities

"The training opportunities are a-okay! Everyone, especially the Learning Officer, is very supportive. She makes sure you receive all the necessary teaching material, and she schedules your exam. Very helpful!"

"The most important trainings I participated in are ITIL, Office 365 and Prince 2. I've also just started a Windows Server 2016 course. And in the near future? I would love to become a more senior profile in system engineering."

"The steep learning curve is definitely one of the reasons why I love working here."

"I don't want to get mushy, but from time to time, I think about the old days when I just started working. Today, I have a lot of extra knowledge and experience. Therefore, I can only say that starting to work at AUSY 2 years ago was the right call!"

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